Whale Watching Tours on Oahu

If you're fortunate enough to be visiting Oahu during the months of November-May (give or take a couple of weeks either way),  you absolutely must plan a whale watching tour. During the winter months, these magnificent creatures return to Hawaii's warm waters to breed, give birth, and nurse their young and can be spotted exhibiting a breathtaking array of behaviors that never cease to fascinate.

Expect to see breaches; head slaps, tail slaps, blowing/spouting, singing, and more. Since the time of ancient Polynesians, Hawaiians have recorded their observations of these awe-inspiring animals and their respect for them. In fact, to this day, many native Hawaiians believe these majestic animals are family guardians and should be treated with great respect. And we are certain that once you see these impressive beings in their natural environment, you will gain a new found appreciation for them. Be sure to check out The Guide's choices for the best Oahu Whale Watching Tours and adventures.

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