Oahu North Shore Beach Park

Hukilau Beach Park: Hawaii's Hidden Gem Uncovered

Regarding Oahu's breathtaking beaches and unique locations, Hukilau Beach Park is a must-see on the island's north shore. In this blog post, we'll delve into the history and significance of Hukilau Beach Park, exploring its connection to traditional fishing methods.

We'll also discuss swimming at Hukilau Beach Park, including the best time, location, and potential dangers you should know. For those seeking adventure, we will provide information on accessing Goat Island (Mokuʻauia Island) and what you can expect when visiting.

In addition to covering amenities available at Hukilau Beach Park, such as picnic tables, we'll touch upon the lack of restroom facilities. We will provide a guide with directions and parking details to get you to this destination. Lastly, safety precautions are essential; we will cover tips for staying safe while swimming at this picturesque beach park.

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Hukilau Beach Park's History and Significance

Located in La'ie, Hukilau Beach Park gained popularity after a 1947 community-organized hukilau event to raise funds for replacing their wooden chapel.

Traditional hukilau fishing involves casting large nets into the ocean while locals pull them back onto the beach with their catch.

This unique technique provides sustenance and fosters a sense of unity among participants.

Visitors can enjoy pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters at Hukilau Beach Park.

No surprise that this spot remains a beloved hotspot for those who live in the area and visitors alike.

Hukilau Beach Park is also linked to the famous song "Going to Hukilau" by Jack Owens in 1948.

The song celebrates these events' joyous atmosphere and has become synonymous with Hawaii's culture.

With so much beauty and cultural importance packed into one location, Hukilau Beach Park is a must-visit spot on Oahu.

Swimming at Hukilau Beach Park

The summer months are the best times to swim at Hukilau Beach Park when the ocean is calm, but watch out for potential dangers like sharks and jellyfish.

  • Stay Safe: Swim with a buddy, stay close to shore, and wear protective gear like reef shoes.
  • Weather Conditions: Check the weather before entering the water; sudden changes in wind or waves can make swimming more challenging.

If you need further information on ocean conditions on Oahu, visit the Hawaii Beach Safety website.

Exploring Goat Island (Mokuʻauia Island)

Just off the coast from Hukilau Beach Park lies Goat Island, also known as Mokuʻauia Island, offering stunning views and public sandy beaches.

  • How to access Goat Island: Check local tide charts or consult with knowledgeable locals before crossing over, and always exercise caution while walking through the water.
  • What you can expect when visiting: Take in panoramic views of Oahu's northeastern coastline and enjoy watching seabirds nesting in their natural habitat, but bring any necessary supplies as no facilities are available on the island.

Some areas might be closed due to bird nesting season or other environmental concerns, so always respect posted signs and guidelines while exploring this beautiful piece of paradise near Hukilau Beach Park.

For more information on Hukilau Beach Park and other must-see destinations in Hawaii, check out Hawaii-Guide.com.

Amenities at Hukilau Beach Park

Small but mighty, Hukilau Beach Park offers picnic tables for lunch with a view.

  • Picnic tables: Picnic tables can be found here, so you'll be able to enjoy a meal or any table hanging out with your friends and family 
  • No restrooms: Plan and be aware that no bathrooms are directly within the park.

Don't forget to pack essentials like sunscreen, beach towels, snacks, and plenty of water to make your visit more enjoyable. Bring some snorkel gear for those interested in snorkeling or exploring marine life, and check out the nearby La'ie Point State Wayside.

Directions and Parking at Hukilau Beach Park

Getting to Hukilau Beach Park from Honolulu Airport is a breeze. Follow these simple steps: take Interstate Hwy-1 West, exit at 20A, merge onto HI-63 North towards Kaneohe, continue onto HI-83 East (Kahekili Hwy), and follow the signs for La'ie.

The beach park is on your left once you go beyond the Brigham Young University-Hawaii campus. 

There's no parking fee; however, due to its popularity among locals and tourists, it's best to get there early, especially during high season or on weekends, to ensure you get a space.

Hukilau Beach Park is also just a short distance south down HI-83 to the popular Polynesian Cultural Center.


Safety Precautions and Lifeguard Availability

At Hukilau Beach Park, no lifeguards are on duty, so taking precautions when swimming is essential.

  • Continuously swim with a buddy or in groups for added security.
  • Awareness of your environment is critical, and watch for possible threats like powerful currents, jagged rocks, or aquatic life.
  • If you're not a strong swimmer or conditions seem rough, stay close to shore where the water is shallower.
  • Check weather forecasts to avoid unfavorable conditions like high surf or storms that may impact ocean safety.

In emergencies, know the location of nearby facilities that can assist.

For information about lifeguarded beaches on Oahu and real-time updates on current ocean conditions, visit Oahu's beach safety website.

Staying informed and prepared ensures a fun-filled day at Hukilau Beach Park.



Are you planning a trip to Hawaii? Don't miss out on Hukilau Beach Park, a beautiful spot with a rich history and plenty of swimming and exploring opportunities.

While swimming can be dangerous, following safety precautions can help keep you safe, and the lack of parking fees makes it an affordable option for a day trip.

Remember that the park has limited amenities, including no lifeguards on duty.

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