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Many ancient Hawaiians believed that this location at the north westernmost tip of Oahu served as the place where the newly departed souls would jump from this world into the spirit realm to join their ancestors. But even for those who intend to remain earthbound Kaena Point is a lovely place to visit. 

This beautiful Oahu West Coast beach offers up a beautiful vantage point of the coast, pristine sand, as well as a rocky shoreline. It's also a great place to spot albatross and other beautiful Hawaiian seabirds. 

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Hiking at Kaena Point

Perhaps the most popular activity here is hiking the Kaena Point Trail. Coming from the north side- also known as the Mokuleia side- you'll go to the end of Farrington Hwy. There is parking at the trailhead. Of course, be prepared with water and sunscreen. Be sure to verify access to this area via vehicle, as this previously unregulated area became regulated in 2014 via a locked gate. You can apply for a permit here

Coming from the Leeward Coast (south) side, the trail begins past the road to Yokohama Beach and its three "dips." You'll see the trailhead at the end of the paved road and follow the dirt road for 2.4 miles. Note the beautiful Oahu shoreline on your left, while cliffs tower above you on your right.

Enjoy your day at Kaena Point State Park.

Enjoy your day at Kaena Point State Park.

Hazardous conditions make any water activities extremely dangerous and are highly discouraged. There are no lifeguards on duty here. 


Waianae route from Honolulu: Take the H1 Fwy. west, which turns into Farrington Hwy/Route 93. Farrington Hwy. becomes a two-lane road at its northern end and ends at Kaena Point State Park.

Via the Mokuleia route, take Interstate H2 to Kaukonahua Rd/Route 803 to Farrington Hwy/Route 930 past Waialua and head ~1 mi. past Camp Erdman. The trailhead on either side of Kaena Point begins where the paved road ends and a rough 4-wheel drive road begins.

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