So, you made it through another year. Barely? Rather forget the whole thing?


When thoughts turn to a well-earned break, why not soak up some Hawaiian comforts. Cool breezes, great local hospitality, and endless nights of pure unadulterated…….

Oh, wait, the kids!

Make no mistake, they’ve already seen the brochures and heard the conversations. Kids are the ears and eyes of your entire household; in case you didn’t already know.  (Travelling with kids lesson #1 for today)

It’s ok. You’ve come to the right place.

Whether a long-haul holiday adventure or a two-day staycation, Oahu has everything you’ll need to make lasting memories.

So, grab the kids and their seemingly endless accoutrements (who are you kidding? We all know, you’ve got a tonne of your own), and off we go to Oahu.

Your dream destination just became a reality.

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Children’s Discovery Center

This activity center encourages kids of all ages to use sight, touch, smell, and hearing for the most interactive and educational facility in Honolulu.

In addition, the activities here show children a world beyond their own.

Definitely, one for both kids and parents to pursue together as all tasks and displays are designed for a mutual connection, of course, fun.

Swim with the Fishes

Now, don’t read too much into that. It’s not code.

Dolphin Quest gives the whole family a chance to get up close and personal with these highly trained, warm-blooded, and friendly creatures. For any future marine biologists, this is a must-do.

Did you know that dolphins aren’t actually fish? They are mammals.

See, and you thought you wouldn’t learn anything new today.

Our work here is done.

Surf’s Up

No matter your age or experience learning to surf is an activity on everyone’s list, whether they choose to admit or not.

Kids learn the art of surfing from the ground up, with all safety aspects covered, as they go from novice to surfer in no time.

As for the parents, you too can learn to surf.

A word of warning, though. Expect some serious eye-rolling from the kids when you tell them you may have missed your life’s calling, and decide to join them in the fine art of taming the waves.

Only a surfer knows the feeling. Sign me up!

This home for native and wild animals is contained within 42 beautiful acres of the best in living creature magic.

A big hit for everyone. No one ever gets tired of a zoo.

Amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles are all waiting to show visitors what they can do.

One for those days you want to be somewhere familiar, but still be entertained.

They say to never smile at a crocodile, but what about an American Alligator. Looks like he already has dinner plans.

See ya later alligator.

Waikiki Beach

Synonymous with a Hawaiian holiday is the stunning Waikiki beach. Celebrated, not only for its appeal, but looks as well.

This is where the sand and the sea melt into one.

This famous beach is framed by the dominating and majestic Diamond Head, the hi-rise buildings and accommodations beckoning visitors all year round, and the ever-alluring turquoise ocean.

Calm waters suit smaller kids not used to larger waves, and there’s generally some water craft, inflatables and boards for rent and for sale to take further advantage of the relaxing atmosphere of Waikiki.

Hawaiian Railway Society Train Rides

An educational activity that allows visitors to learn about Hawaii’s railroading history.

Great for when the adults are tired from all that walking.

Where do kids get all their energy? They suck it from you, of course, everyone knows that.

Chill out on the grounds for a relaxing picnic, or take snacks with you on board for a relaxing day out.

So, this is the one where the adults can sit down. Yay!

Check for availability and times.

Experience Your Surroundings

Sometimes, somewhere between taking selfies and recharging the camera battery, we forget to look around and simply experience what’s in front of us. Put the cameras down for a few hours and make the choice to take it all in.

Simply take a walk. Look at the local street scenes. Markets and local entertainment make this island something out of the ordinary.


The way to any kid’s heart is through their stomach.

Have a night in by selecting the best in takeout, or visit the local restaurants. There’s plenty of people who can tell you what’s good, and your accommodation personnel should be ready to point you in the direction of memorable eats.

Food glorious food.

Did someone say dinner time?

Break Away from the Everyday

Up for something different? If you are happy to go off the beaten track and the kids have an adventurous spirit, getting away from all the tourist trappings can be a breath of fresh air.

Some of these activities are a bit different. Some prior research to determine what’s best for everyone is a great idea, but I can already see these will grab the attention of kids and adults alike.

  • Ride an Underwater Submarine Scooter
  • Paint Your Own Holiday Memories
  • Pilot a Flight Simulator (Nice)
  • Night Stand-Up Paddle Boarding for a bit of night time fresh air
  • Book a Mermaid Photo or Video Shoot

Hot Tips for Oahu 

Think you got it all covered? It’s helpful to keep some things in mind to ensure the best experience possible.

Consider the following:

  • The decision on where to stay is a big one. Location of the property and accessibility to the most revered activities play a big part in your and the kid’s enjoyment.  Do you need a kitchenette, a local market nearby, or an activity room within the hotel?
  • If you need transport, public buses are a great way to get around in Oahu, but be prepared with timetables and accepted methods of payment.
  • Pinpoint any specific facilities you may need. Wheelchair access, babysitting services, or more kid-friendly shallow pools may be high on your priority list.
  • Remember kids get tired, cranky, hungry, and impatient easily. Sometimes all at once.

    Sound familiar? Pace yourself.
  • In regards to your hotel room, Airbnb, or other accommodations, cable tv and access to streaming or gaming consoles may be the kid’s comforts of home but are sorely missed when daylight turns to evening.

    Consider these things an insurance policy against random, unprovoked, and reactive squabbles.

    Trust me, when you’re on the lanai staring at the sunset sipping on a Mai Tai, you will be grateful. (Travelling with kids lesson # 2 for the day.)

    Thank me later.

As you can see, there’s a lot to experience when visiting the island of Oahu.

From daylight till dark, all these things are worth experiencing but nowhere near the end of your Oahu memories.

Can you fit it all into one vacation?

Maybe you’ll just have to come back.



Don’t forget to check our guides to the best kid’s activities Oahu style.

We can help create the best Hawaiian memories for you and your kids.

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