Waikiki at Night: 7 Things You Must Do


A Hawaiian dream holiday encompasses many things. Time to relax, time away from work worries, and for some, even time to recharge with one or more of our favorite people as a long-awaited and planned group event.

Days turn into nights quickly in Waikiki, and before we know it, we’re planning the next one.

But what if we could make our time away last longer?

We can’t stretch time or add to the 24 hours in a day, but maybe in a way, we can make it seem like it by doing one simple thing.

Take advantage of the night.

There’s something about adding nighttime activities that make the days seem longer.

Let’s look at seven things to do at night in Waikiki that can stretch our time away and take advantage of each minute.

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Fireworks in the night sky of Waikiki Hawaii

1. Watch the Fireworks

Weekly fireworks shows are essential to finish the day with a light show to be remembered. You can see the sky lighting up virtually anywhere on those warm sultry Waikiki nights.

An excellent activity for those who want to stay up a bit later.

Presented by the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel, the show generally begins at 7:45 on Fridays and lasts around fifteen minutes. From there, anything goes. Turn it in for the night or re-watch it on that video camera or phone again.

It is a good one to see and experience if it is your last night away—the perfect end to any trip.

Palm trees against a starry night background.

2. Starry Starry Night

For night lovers, you can’t miss a walk on the beach. Just hearing the water lapping and the distant waves waiting for a new day will urge you to plan another trip soon. Find your perfect beach just before sunset and watch the end of the day moving over for a different kind of light show.

Stargazer or not, you won’t be able to help yourself.

When the nights are clear, the Waikiki sky has been called the most romantic place on Earth. Everything else fades away on the claim Hawaiian nights.

Experience it. You’ll see why.

3. Participate in Something Cultural

Suppose you’re looking for some time to listen to local music or participate in activities that may enhance your understanding of Hawaiian history. In that case, nighttime is an excellent opportunity to do just that.

These activities don’t disappear after daylight.

You can do a few things to inspire your sense of history and culture during your stay in Waikiki.

4. Free Hula Show by Torchlight

One to see. Partaking in a torch-lighting ceremony and hula show will get you involved in tales of Hawaiian history and culture and leave you talking about it for days.

The performance brings a smile to everyone watching. Even those out in the surf stop to watch at least some part of this hour-long show. It is a light-hearted and entertaining way to spend an evening. Located at the Kuhio Beach Hula Stage near the Duke Kahanamoku statue, shows run for about an hour. Get there early, as the best spots fill up fast.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 6:30 pm.

Person on Segway going by the beach during evening time before nighttime.

5. Catch A Segway at Night

Take a Segway ride up to Diamond Head at night for something different. Feel the sea air and breeze while traveling to this magnificent crater.

Nighttime brings a specific element to this activity, and a mystical change in the atmosphere that many will find alluring.

Oh, the things you’ll see! Beautiful homes and even more beautiful sites are all on your way to your destination. Once at the top, take in the views from the Diamond Head Lighthouse and watch the night close in.

Tours begin at sunset from Waikiki.

Jellyfish in an aquarium at nighttime.

6. Late Night Aquarium

There is something mystical about seeing all the Hawaiian seas bring to us at night. The Waikiki Aquarium offers a chance to see them in all their glory.

You may have been to a thousand aquariums in your time, but at night, sea creatures, from the smallest of colorful fish to large predators, take on a new aura.

Led by a torch with a guide showing things you may miss, see stunning jellyfish and hidden octopuses, and discover the sea life that only comes out at night. Color-changing fish and those who look awake but are, in fact, sound asleep will fascinate.

This is one for the whole family. Check for times with the aquarium, but usually, dates confirmed will begin around 6:00 pm.

Multiple cars and a trolley going through the streets of Waikiki Hawaii at night.

7. Hit the Streets

Whether it’s for food, bars, or a night out clubbing Waikiki has everything you need if you are a night owl.

All the entertainers and street performers come out to play when the sun goes down. Hustle and bustle big time is the order of the night for the streets of Waikiki.

Restaurants, both budget-friendly and fine dining, can all be found here, along with bars with every cocktail known and late-opening nightclubs to keep you dancing the night away.

This is Hawaiian nightlife at its best.

A walk down Kalakaua Avenue fits the bill for those who don’t want room service and in-room movies for the night.


Waikiki offers so many nighttime activities to do. Taste local and international cuisine or see the underwater aquarium on a nighttime tour. Spend the night shopping or sit under the stars and soak up the atmosphere of this beguiling place.

There is something here for everyone.

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