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Big Island of Hawaii Adventures & Excursions

At HawaiiGuide, we understand how much time and effort go into planning the perfect Big Island experience, so we have put together a list of handpicked Big Island tours and adventures for you to choose from. These are our recommendations for the best Orchid Isle activities and tours.

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Volcano excursions, helicopter rides, horseback riding in Waipio Valley, ziplining, and stargazing adventures atop Mauna Kea are just some of the many tours available for booking on the Big Island. Also, we believe in paying it forward and giving back, so every tour or package booked on our site will have a portion of its proceeds set aside for sponsoring sustainable and environmental charities which help preserve the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

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Big Island of Hawaii Experiences

Hawaii’s Big Island is not only big in size, but also in diversity. Explore snowy mountaintops, lush jungles, windswept grasslands, picturesque beaches, and even lava fields- without ever leaving the island. And because we don’t want you to miss a thing, we’re spotlighting the very best Big Island Tours and Activities here.

If you’ve chosen Big Island, you’ve chosen to visit the epitome of paradise. Soar over cliffs and valleys, discover waterfalls, and sample some of the most delicious bounty Mother Nature has to offer. Plus, you can even walk on land that is younger than you are- isn’t that amazing! Tropical splendor, rich history, and big adventure combine perfectly to give you the best Hawaiian vacation imaginable. See what makes Big Island so special:

Big Island Water Tours

Water Activities

More miles of coastline means miles more water fun! From the adrenaline rush of surfing and kite boarding to the otherworldly magic of a manta ray night snorkel to the adventure of a kayak tour- Big Island has it all. Rather stay dry? Then how about a dinner cruise or submarine adventure. No matter how you explore the water, don’t let the ocean’s call pass you by.

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Volcano Tours


To say Hawaii’s volcanoes are a national treasure is an understatement, and the key to this treasure can be found at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Explore a lava tube, steam vents, sulphur banks, and hike the crater rim. Hawaiian history comes to life as you admire petroglyphs and even footprints of Hawaiian warriors. Witness the past and future meld together before your eyes- spectacular!

Big Island Hiking Tours


Big Island is a hiker’s dream- imagine hundreds of miles of trails crossing several different climate zones and landscapes. Whether you’re looking for a multi-day bucket list hike or a leisurely stroll of historic sites, the Big Island has it. Best hiking in the state, maybe? We dare you to top Big Island.

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Big Island Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours

Big Island is a land of striking contrasts- and nowhere is this more evident than on a helicopter tour; in fact, it just might be the best way to see it all. Get a bird’s-eye-view into an active volcano and watch the lava put on a show, soar over lush rainforests, spot breathtaking waterfalls… the view from here is unique and simply awesome!

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Coffee Farms  

Kona coffee is not only the world’s most expensive coffee; many people think it’s simply the finest. Rich volcanic soil, high elevation, perfect Kona climate, and hand cultivation work in unison to create one of the most exquisite and highly-prized coffees on Earth. Tour a coffee farm and learn about the history and culture behind the best cup of joe you’ll ever drink.

Macadamia Nut Farms Tours

Macadamia Nut Farms 

Together with Kona coffee, macadamia nuts are one of Hawaii’s signature crops; the industry was started and perfected here. These Hawaiian gems are not only one of the world’s most sought-after nuts, they are also the hardest to crack. Tour a farm, learn about the history, harvesting, and packaging process, enjoy some samples and, well… go nuts for macadamia nuts!

Horseback Riding Tours

Horseback Riding 

Become a paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) for a day as you explore the gorgeous Big Island countryside. Breathe in the fresh air as your majestic host takes you to amazing sights. No other tour will allow you to appreciate all the beautiful details that surround you. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or first-timer, a stroll through Hawaii’s scenic vistas is worth saddling up for.

Stargazing Tours on the Big Island


Visit Mauna Kea- the world’s tallest mountain, stop by the world’s largest observatory while you’re there, and enjoy what just might be the world’s best stargazing. Enough superlatives for you? If the history and culture of Mauna Kea don’t blow your mind, watching the celestial show from above the clouds certainly will.

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