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Just outside Pahoa take a left onto Highway 132 (Pahoa-Kapoho Road) to head to our next stop. As you get closer to the park the road will become gradually more enclosed by a majestic tree tunnel that shades the road in jungle beauty. 

Take a left into the park just past mile marker two. The parking lot will be on your right. A loop trail will guide you through an impressive jungle of vining plants, orchids, and bamboo. Along the trail are bulbous black stumps partially covered in small green plants. These are the lava trees. In 1790 a lava flow from Kilauea engulfed this rainforest with pahoehoe (smooth) lava over 10 feet deep.  As the fast-flowing lava moved through the forest it completely surrounded the moist ohia trees. The lava cooled on the outside as the tree was incinerated on the inside leaving a lava shell in the shape of the tree. While some of the molds will reach several feet high, others will be merely stumps or even depressions. The park has restroom facilities and a ragged-looking picnic pavilion. Mosquitoes are abundant, so be generous with the bug spray. Try to visit on weekdays and keep a sharp eye out for people loitering about as they may be interested in exploring the contents of your rental car as you explore the jungle.

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