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Rainbow Falls

One of several falls along the path of the Wailuku River in Hilo, Rainbow Falls is a gorgeous waterfall to visit early in the morning. 

Its name originated from the fact that on some early mornings a rainbow can be seen arching across the falls. Waianuenue Falls is its Hawaiian name and means "rainbow seen in water." Like all waterfalls, Rainbow Falls' display is dependent upon recent rainfall and can fluctuate between a single thin stream of water and a raging cascade. When the flow is just right, the falls resemble an 80 ft. white shower falling over a rock shelf into a placid blue-green pool.

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From the lookout, the surrounding vegetation is a dense jungle. A path to the left of the lookout provides a view from the top of Rainbow Falls. 

Since this is such a popular tourist spot, it is also a popular hangout for thieves. Therefore, do not leave any valuables in your car and be sure to lock it. 

Restrooms are available. Take Waianuenue Ave. from downtown Hilo mauka for approximately two miles. Rainbow Drive branches off to the right just after crossing a bridge. Follow the signs to the parking lot. The park opens at sunrise and closes at dusk.

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