The big day is over, and now all you want is some time to relax and celebrate with each other.

Your chosen destination is Hawaii and what better place.

The thing about Hawaii is that these islands give you a choice in how you want to spend your time. Sure, you have some plans already but did you know Hawaii opens up a whole new range of romantic stops.

From quiet nights and open fires to aerial sports and mountain climbing adventures.

It all awaits you.

Here’s some ideas to consider. Why not add these romantic stops to your Hawaiian honeymoon itinerary.

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Take the Hana Highway

This scenic road on Maui is one of Hawaii’s all-time top attractions.

A romantic drive through this beautiful landscape will clear the mind and calm the soul.  Lush green valleys and powerful waterfalls greet you and your partner while the curving roads treat you to ocean vistas and coastline stretching all the way to Alaska.

There are plenty of stops and roadside stands along the way for those who want to hire a car and savor the experience site by site, but if a self-drive isn’t what you had in mind, you can always opt for a guided tour. Check out the best Hana Road Tours

This beautiful part of the Hawaiian Islands is described as a highway to heaven.

You’ll agree wholeheartedly.

Sunset Cruise 

Experience the beautiful romantic Hawaiian sunset and ocean breezes. Get away from the buzz of the resorts and just breathe.

Enjoy a delightful dinner and a two-hour cruise on calm coastal waters.

Choose the tour that’s best for you on wherever island you’re staying.

This romantic stop is a good one for the itinerary, especially on your last night in Hawaii. 

A great way to wind down.

Hula and Ukulele Lessons

Is playing the ukulele something you’ve always wanted to learn? If you are regular to the Hawaiian shores you may have fallen in love with this sweet-sounding instrument. Maybe you want to serenade each other with dulcet tones and beginner plunking noises.

No matter what the reasons, you too can learn to play the ukulele, and even in some places for free.

Take one home with you for the ultimate keepsake.

Now if your particular penchant is to move those hips then Hula lessons are for you.

Don’t be shy now.

Together you can learn how hula represents all aspects of Hawaiian people and their culture.

Not only a cool way to get your bodies moving, but a lesson in song told through dance.

Oceanside Couples Massage

On the Big Island of Hawaii, a couples massage may be just what you and your partner need. A relaxing massage combined with traditional aromatherapy blends is a great way to end the day.

Choose an indoor venue if you like, but nothing says romance more than an open-air ocean view, or waterfall flowing in the background of individual massage huts.

Wherever you choose to stay on your honeymoon, there’s sure to be a couples massage spa waiting for you.

You may never want to leave.

Charter a Sailboat

If you live for the ocean, why not head out on a sailboat.

These vessels are chartered by islanders with the best knowledge of the sea, so whether with a group or private charter you can hop aboard for the luxury you both deserve.

This is Living!

I can almost hear the champagne chilling.

Romance Ahead!

Star Light Star Bright

Stargazing at Mauna Kea is a relaxing and awe-inspiring way to spend an evening. Smaller groups are catered for so you don’t feel crowded, and light refreshments are served.

Look up at the star-filled nights at Mauna Kea through telescopes designed to show you what the Hawaiian night sky is made of. This is an adventure that lasts for most of the day from sunset to well into the night.

Get up close and personal with the galaxies.

Shark Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Just when you thought it was safe? Ok, let’s not go there.

This is one for the once-in-a-lifetime adventurous couple. Diving into the waters to join these incredible creatures gives a person a real sense of their place in this world.

You will be treated to conversations about what you will see, and of course, be given the best in safety guidelines and instruction.

What better way to start your life together than with some adrenaline-pumping shark encounters.

There are other diving and snorkeling adventures to be had on the islands. It’s up to you how adventurous you want to be on the day but the “one with the sharks” tops the list.

Marriage? Too easy. If you can handle this, you can handle anything.

Some Questions Answered

Do We Need to Choose an Island?

It really depends on what your initial plans are. If your intention is to do some island hopping and have been looking at accommodations on several islands then there’s activities everywhere you’ll be.

If traveling wasn’t on the agenda, then choose the island you believe will offer you the most variety (if that’s what you’re looking for) or the best in peaceful days and nights simply enjoying each other’s company.

Are There Free Things to Do?

There are many things to do in Hawaii that don’t require pre-booking, prepayment, or have any cost at all.

From beaches to marine discovery centers and state parks you can surprise your partner with countless cost-free, no-stress days on whichever island you happen to be on.

Family-Mooning? Hawaii is Perfect

If you already have an inbuilt family and can’t leave the kids with a relative because of  a very rational fear of irrevocably scarring the relationship, (well, it is a commitment, right?) Hawaii is a perfect place for the whole family.

Kid-friendly at its finest, this family-moon destination will bring you all closer together with lots of activities suitable for all ages.

Check them out before you go. It’s all a part of planning.

This is simply the tip of the iceberg for romantic stops on your Hawaiian honeymoon. There's so much to do it is difficult to name them all. Take advantage of tour providers and guides that will help you make the most of your Hawaiian honeymoon.

For the best in romantic stops, the Hawaiian Islands offer it all. Adventures, peaceful alone time, or a combination of the two, this is the best place to enjoy each other’s company.

A trip you’ll both never forget.

Need inspiration? Let us help you make the most of your Hawaiian honeymoon.

We can be right there with you. We’ll most of the time. OK, some of the time. What are friends for!

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