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At HawaiiGuide, we understand how much time and effort go into planning the perfect Hawaiian experience, so we have put together a list of handpicked Maui tours and adventures for you to choose from. 

These are our recommendations for the best the Valley Isle of Maui has to offer. Here you'll find an incredible assortment of tours and activities to enjoy: hiking tours, whale watching, Road to Hana tours, ziplining, boat tours, and Molokini snorkel trips are just a few of the many amazing adventures available on Maui. 

Also, we believe in paying it forward and giving back, so every tour or package booked on our site will have a portion of its proceeds set aside for sponsoring sustainable and environmental charities which help preserve the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

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Maui Experiences

Known as the "Valley Isle," Maui has something to please absolutely everyone- families, honeymooners, big spenders, the budget conscious, and everything in between. And because actually finding adventures that please everyone isn’t always easy, we’re outlining the top Maui Must See and Do activities here… they’re what leave visitors consistently saying Maui no ka oi, or Maui is the best.

Maui just might be the best island to visit, as you’d be hard pressed to experience everything you can here- all in the same place. Sun, lush rainforests and waterfalls, pristine beaches, volcanoes, and even windswept plains all make Maui spectacular. Plus, Maui entertainment is simply unrivaled. And where else can you make a 40-ton acquaintance and drive the state’s most famous highway in the same day? Check out some of what makes Maui magical:

Road to Hana Highway Tours

Road to Hana 

The Hana Highway is not only Maui’s top attraction; it’s also a journey not to be missed. Imagine 617 hairpin curves; 56 one-lane bridges; 56 streams; beautiful waterfalls; cliffs swathed in green; and white, black, and even red sand beaches. And did we mention the trails and gardens to explore? You’ll think you’re on the highway to heaven itself.

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Maui Haleakala Tours


This dormant volcano offers one of the world’s best sunrises (and sunsets, too), otherworldly panoramic views, and amazing flora and fauna- some of which exist nowhere else on the planet. Hike the trails, admire the sun, spot a rare silversword plant, and take in the culture and legends of the “House of the Sun” at 10,023 feet- simply spectacular!

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Maui Shows & Performances

Shows & Performances

Some of Hawaii’s best entertainment can be enjoyed on Maui. Prepare to be wowed by dazzling dancers, glitzy crooners, and an explosion of costumes, colors, culture, and creative genius. Sit back, relax, and see for yourself why Maui is #1 in Hawaiian nightlife.

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Maui Dinner Cruises

Dinner Cruises

Enjoy the caress of the gentle breezes as you savor an array of delectable foods- from appetizers to dinner, to dessert. Then, drink in hand, watch the oranges and reds of the sun morph into pink, purple, and violet hues- all to the tune of live music. If you only take one dinner cruise in your lifetime, do so on Maui.

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Maui Whale Watching

Whale Watching

As with many Maui activities, the best whale watching in Hawaii (indeed, in the world) happens on Maui. Each year these majestic creatures come to Hawaii to mate, calve, and nurse their young. They also put on an impressive display of blowing, tail slapping, breaching, and other behaviors that are simply magnificent.

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Maui Water Activities

Water Activities

No one does watersports better than Maui- the array of water fun is mind-boggling. Take snorkeling-  in true “Maui is the best” form, some of the world’s best snorkeling can be found here. If you’d rather stay above the water, try some kayaking or stand up paddleboarding (SUP) for a unique ocean adventure. Ready to reel in the big one? Then it's time for some fishing... Maui style.

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