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Maui no ka oi, or "Maui is the best,"  is a common saying on the island, and for a good reason - many visitors worldwide believe Maui to be the crown jewel of the Hawaiian Islands. We can't say we disagree.

Maui is also known as, 'the Valley Isle,' - named as such because of the broad isthmus that spans between the West Maui Mountains (Pu`u Kukui of Mauna Kahalawai) and Haleakala. The Valley Island is home to a vast array of scenery ranging from volcanic craters to lush tropical rainforests, and windswept plains to pristine beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Maui has a long list of must see and do activities and Maui accommodations range from upscale resorts to quaint B&Bs scattered around the island. It truly is the ideal place for a Hawaiian vacation; no matter which type of traveler you are. Don't forget to read our Maui Things to Know article; it serves as an excellent companion entry to the content below.

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Maui Top Things to Do

  • Explore the Volcano: Haleakala crater, known as House of the Sun, rises to an impressive 10,023 feet above sea level. You can find this volcanic beauty in the Haleakala National Park in upcountry Maui. Enjoying all the best Haleakala area sights is easy on a guided tour, and for that, we recommend booking a guided Haleakala tour
  • Discover Ocean Life: The Maui Ocean Center is a wonderful place to visit with the family if you're fascinated with the underwater life forms that dwell around the Hawaiian Islands. Their large 750,000 gallon aquarium-- including one part you can walk through-- is sure to impress everyone who visits.
  • Top Scenic Drive: If heaven had a highway, we're sure it would be the Road to Hana. This incredible 56-mile drive is all about the journey, not the destination. And beyond Hana town are some of the most incredible waterfalls and coastal areas on the island. The Pipiwai Trail is the most popular trail on Maui and can be found at the Oheo Gulch, just 15 minutes beyond the sleepy town in the bay.
  • Best Snorkeling: If you've ever wanted to snorkel in Hawaii, Molokini Island just might be your best bet. Molokini is a crescent-shaped tiny island off of Maui's coast that is home to a large variety of ocean life. The area is protected from surf and is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Call us biased, but the best snorkeling in Hawaii can be found right here on the Valley Isle. Book your snorkeling adventure with our picks for the best snorkeling tours in Maui, and get ready for dive of a lifetime. 
  • Historic & Lush Iao Valley: The Iao Valley offers you the chance to step back in time to learn about Maui's past, all while offering stunning views of the verdant valley, famously known for the Iao Needle within.
  • Great Beaches: Big Beach along south Maui's coast is sure to give you plenty of room to stretch your beach fun. The near mile long beach is just the right size for those looking for a little beach seclusion. Not headed to the south Maui? No worries... check out our list of the best Maui beaches and find the perfect slice of sand no matter which coast you're on.

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What’s on your Valley Isle vacation to-do list? Lounging on a romantic beach? Ziplining over an impressive valley? Watching rare Hawaiian birds? Or maybe packing up with the kiddos for the best family vacation ever? No matter what your idea of a great adventure is, we have the best things to do on Maui right here.

Maui's Top Things to Do

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