Travelers to the Hawaiian Islands have countless scenic opportunities to enjoy and photograph. Many of these scenic wonders occur on the island of Kauai which is also known as the Garden Island. Visitors to the island are urged to bring along a camera and a sense of adventure and enjoy the wonders of the island that comprise the best scenic places in Kauai.

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Parks and Rivers

Waimea Canyon State Park features deep chasms and flowing rivers of red-colored water. The deep rocky walls and great scenic views have earned the park the nickname of the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Unlike the actual Grand Canyon, the Hawaiian version features tropic rains making the area one of the wettest places in the world. That same rainwater, over eons of time, have eroded the volcanic soil to form the scenic wonder known as Waimea Canyon State Park.

Visitors to the Hanalei Valley find some of the most iconic scenic locations on the islands. The valley road carries travelers along a path of waterfalls, open fields and shrouded woods. The area is also known for its bright rainbows that can provide additional color to any scenic location or picture. Visitors should use caution traveling the roads of the Hanalei Valley. Many of the bridges were built decades ago and allow only one-way traffic at anytime forcing drivers to use extra care.

Great bird watching and scenic ocean views combine at Kilauea Lighthouse and Wildlife Refuge. This area features a dedicated reserve designed to provide habitat for threatened Hawaiian shore birds. The area is defined by ocean waves crashing against the cliffs of the shore all topped with a traditional lighthouse presenting great scenic viewing opportunities.

The View From Above

One of the ways to enjoy scenic views is to reach a high vantage point. The island of Kauai is no exception with Kalalau Lookout offering great views of the surrounding island’s scenic wonders. The lookout reaches almost 4,000 feet above the oceans which are visible on the horizon. Much of the area visible from the Kalalau Lookout is only accessible by hiking trails or boat.

See the Water Fall

Kauai is home to a number of notable waterfalls. The rocky volcanic land is often inundated with rain. This combination of factors means a lot of flowing water which results in waterfalls. The Wailua Falls is probably the most noted and has appeared as a backdrop for television shows and movies as well as in a multitude of postcards making it one of the best scenic places in Kauai.

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