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If you're looking for some of the most beautiful places Mother Nature has bestowed upon Kauai- the ones that deserve the "Must See and Do" category- you're in the right place. Here you will find our personal recommendations for the top places to visit and best tours and activities the Garden Isle has to offer. While only our suggestions, we think you'll agree our picks offer truly breathtaking Kauai experiences.

If you're looking for our top picks of things to do on Kauai, then be sure stop by our Best Kauai Vacation Activities page or check out our handpicked Kauai Tours. Kauai definitely has a wealth of amazing attractions... we hope you love our selections. 

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2024 Kauai Visitor Guides

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Kauai's Top Attractions

With such a wealth of stunning sights, it can be hard to decide which ones to see. In a perfect world, you'd be able to see them all in one trip; but we understand that may not be realistic. That's why we're including our picks for Kauai's best attractions here. Each has its own qualities that make it uniquely fascinating. From the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" to the island's mesmerizing waterfalls and everything in between, we hope you'll enjoy these locations as much as we have. Happy sightseeing!

Kauai Bucket List Adventures

We can't lie: just going to Kauai is already a bucket list adventure! However, some adventures make such an impression that they are simply remarkable. Whether you're soaring over some of the world's most romantic movie locations, appreciating the awe-inspiring works of Mother Nature's hand from high above the ground, or enjoying an adrenaline rush and the lush rainforest at the same time, these Kauai adventures simply cannot be missed! Book your bucket list adventure and soon you'll be having the time of your life.


Kauai Eco-Adventures

Kauai is a pristine island paradise and many visitors choose to explore in a manner that is great for them and easy on the environment, as well. Exploring Kauai's lovely landscapes and ocean using your own power is one of the best ways to appreciate nature in an up-close-and-personal way while having minimal impact on Kauai's delicate ecosystem. Paddle with Hawaiian sea turtles, trek some of Hawaii's best hiking trails, and go tubing in one of Kauai's most remote areas. No matter which activity you book, you'll feel good about your adventure.

Kauai Evening Entertainment

When many people think of Kauai they think of outdoor adventures such as hiking, kayaking, ziplining, or snorkeling. But did you know that the Garden Isle is a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy dinner and a show? Or even a traditional Hawaiian luau? Or let the spectacular NaPali Coast be your entertainment as you nosh and raise a glass to the colorful Kauai sunset. Whether it's date night, family night, or simply a Tuesday night, our picks for the best Kauai entertainment will make it a great night, for sure! Book now and let the show begin.


Best Land Adventures & Tours on Kauai

As the oldest Hawaiian island, Kauai is home to some spectacular landscapes, legends, trails, and more. It seems as though no matter where you go, the Garden Isle has something new in store. Choose a leisurely hike or an all-day trek. Tour some of the Wailua River area's cultural sites. Picnic and camp in an incredible state park and enjoy Hawaii's longest beach while you're there. You can even tour a lovely botanical garden complete with ancient Hawaiian taro gardens and terrace systems. Don't miss the opportunity to explore Kauai's enchanting lands... book your adventure today. 


Best Water & Ocean Adventures on Kauai

If Kauai's magical lands are impressive, then the same certainly applies to its sparkling seas and pristine beaches. Spend the day snorkeling, SCUBA diving, boogie boarding, or touring the NaPali Coast's waterfalls and sea caves and enjoying the views. Or hit the beach and have a surf lesson with a local professional. Of course, you'll want to hit the sand, as Kauai is home to some of Hawaii's - and the world's- best beaches. Whether you're looking for a secluded and romantic beach, a family-friendly spot for the kids, or are hoping to spot an endangered monk seal lounging in the sun, Kauai's beaches will not disappoint. Oh, and if you hit the right beach, you can even see some chickens, too! Check out our picks for Kauai's can't-miss ocean adventures and beaches. 


Best Kauai Air Tours

Kauai is the ideal place to explore, with one of the world's most beautiful coastlines (if not the most beautiful), a seemingly endless number of stunning peaks and valleys, sights and locations adored by Hollywood and the world over... all yours to enjoy. But did you know that many of the most amazing sights are inaccessible by land? That's why a Kauai helicopter tour just might be the best way to appreciate all the best attractions. Not only that, you'll get the proverbial "big picture" from the air and will better appreciate just how enchanting the Garden Isle really is. These are our picks for the best Kauai air tours; choose the perfect one for you, book today, and get ready to soar over Kauai soon!

Recommended Kauai Tours

2024 Kauai Visitor Guides

Visiting Kauai soon? Be sure to grab your copy of one of our updated Kauai Visitor Guides.

~ Trusted by Millions of Hawaii Visitors Annually ~

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