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Kauai has an extensive list of must see and do activities, and Kauai accommodations range from luxury resorts to a remarkable variety of quaint B&Bs scattered around the island. No matter which type of traveler you are, Kauai really is the perfect definition of a lush paradise and certainly won't disappoint for your visit. Don't forget to read our Kauai Things to Know article; it serves as an excellent companion entry to the content below.

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Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon

Kauai Top Things to Do

  • Waimea Canyon, also known as the 'Grand Canyon of the Pacific,' is a must-see for visitors to the island. At an amazing 3,600 feet deep, the canyon is 10 miles long and two miles wide. While you're visiting the Canyon, be sure to head up further on Highway 550 into Kokee State Park to view some of the panoramic vistas that overlook the valleys of Na Pali coast.
  • To the north, Kee beachHaena beach, and Tunnels beach can certainly draw a crowd and they warrant a visit from you too. Each of these three beaches is gorgeous - especially when you walk along each of them to the right and then look behind you - Wow! You'll have to try it to see what we mean.
  • A visit to Kauai isn't complete without a helicopter tour. The island is rated the number one island to fly in a chopper around, and for good reason - it has the largest selection of waterfalls and valleys to duck into. You won't regret a helicopter ride over the island, we can guarantee that.
  • To the south is Poipu and Lawai, two incredible areas that have some of the best weather year-round on the island. Here you'll also find Spouting Horn, a blowhole in the lava rock that sends water skyward up to some 65 feet during high tide. Shipwreck's Beach is one of our favorite small beaches on the south shore.
  • Kilauea lighthouse on the northeast shore is also a popular attraction, especially for bird lovers. The preserve is home to a wide selection of sea birds, and to date, we've seen more Nene (the Hawaiian State goose) here than anywhere else in Hawaii.
  • Kokee Hiking Trails are some of the best in the world, and certainly, are worth the effort. Offering both amazing views into Waimea Canyon or Na Pali - you're choice! Kalalau Trail, especially the first two miles in and back, is also a very popular choice with visitors to Kauai.

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Name your vacation fantasy and it'll likely come true on Kauai: enjoying the hike of a lifetime, admiring a breathtaking waterfall, or relaxing on a sandy white beach. And for the ultimate Kauai activity? How about having a picture-perfect destination wedding with the Kauai coastline in the background. Grab your tissues, hiking boots, beach towel, and anything else you may need to have the Garden Isle getaway of your dreams. 

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