Makua 'Tunnels' Beach

North Shore Beach

Makua (a.k.a. "Tunnels") Beach

Best Snorkeling Beach in North Kauai

If you’re looking for one of the best North Shore snorkeling beaches, look no further than Tunnels Beach-  a North Kauai gem that has a coral reef so massive it can be seen from space!

If SCUBA diving is more your style, the amazing coral reef and generally calm conditions mean you, too, will have a spectacular dive. Be aware that there is a slight rip current, but most of the time it is rather weak.

The beach itself is located nearly directly across from mile marker 8 on Highway 560 going east from Hanalei towards Ha’ena, but we highly recommend you do NOT park on the street, as the police will ticket you for doing so.

Two roads provide beach access- the first is located 0.4-mile past mile marker 8 and the second is 0.6-mile past mile marker 8 (the latter is the better of the two). Parking can be a hassle because you will have to park along the side of a narrow road. The entrance roads are a bit hard to find, but there are a few signs placed by residents that clearly let you know which roads do NOT lead to Tunnels Beach. Please show Aloha and don't park in those spots.

We suggest visiting this spot earlier in the day so that you'll get a parking spot at the locations we mentioned above.

There is another parking area on Alealea St. near mile marker 8, but it’s a half-mile walk to Tunnels Beach (heading west). Also, please keep in mind that winter generally brings rougher conditions than summer, as is the case with most North Shore beaches.

If you’d prefer to avoid the parking hassles and get a truly unique perspective of this incredible beach, let our friends at Safari Helicopters give you a ride you’ll never forget. Best of all, you can check out a whole host of beaches plus other magnificent sights- all with a comfortable ride and a bird’s-eye view.

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