Best Kauai Air Activities

The verdant valleys and rugged coastlines of Kauai are truly a spectacular sight to behold.  Due to so much of the island being inaccessible by land, an aerial tour is a wonderful way to take in all of the jaw-dropping sights.  We here at Hawaii Guide are truly excited to help make your vacation dreams a reality; that's why we have carefully selected the absolute best Kauai aerial activities. Combine this with our great rates and you have the perfect recipe for happiness.  

Whether by hang glider or by helicopter, we want your Kauai experience to be unforgettable. That's why we want you to peruse our selection of high-flying adventures, find the perfect one(s) for you, and book now- before you get to the islands. Unfortunately, many people wait until they get to Kauai to search for an activity, decide on the perfect adventure, and attempt to book... only to find out there is limited availability because they waited too long. Don't waste what little vacation time you have searching for a tour and crossing your fingers for availability; book now and enjoy every minute of Kauai while you can. Mahalo!  

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Kauai Helicopter Adventures

Touring Kauai in a helicopter is a thrilling yet safe, fun, and easy way to explore the Garden Isle’s natural wonders. Soar over some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. Swoop down into the lush valleys and explore wild and wondrous coastlines from above. Of course, keep an eye out for rainbows, as a helicopter tour is a great way to spot one- or several! Book your Kauai helicopter tour soon and don’t miss out on the adventure.

Kauai Other Air Activities

Think touring Kauai’s sights in a helicopter is the only way to enjoy a high-flying adventure? If so, think again because Kauai skydiving just might be the most exciting Kauai adventure out there. Whether you’re a skydiving newbie or have a few jumps under your belt, skydiving and the Garden Isle are the perfect vacation combo. Find out why so many visitors say they had the experience of a lifetime!
Recommended Kauai Tours
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