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If you’re visiting Haleakala National Park and want a great hike with beautiful views of North Maui, the Haleakala crater, and the chance to observe local Hawaiian plants and wildlife, the Supply Trail offers just what you’re looking for.

Supply Trail starts on the road that leads to Hosmer Grove Trail.​ Start off by parking your car in the Hosmer Grove campground, where you’ll find a few parking spots along the road. From there, walk back along the road to the trailhead sign. Note that we have heard from folks who say there is no sign here; however, we were lucky enough to spot one on our last hike. If you don’t see one, you’ll still be able to distinguish the trail as you leave the paved road and head into the open field.

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You’ll be trekking through native subalpine shrubland that pervades this area, and some of the brush can be quite high. The trail is rather rocky and it winds up over a series of gentle swithcbacks. This is great opportunity for birdwatching, too.

The Supply Trail is fairly steeply graded from the start, but becomes even steeper as it approaches the connection with the Halemauu Trail at 3.5 miles in.

As you reach the end of the Supply Trail, head down the Halemauu Trail about ¼ mile for some simply spectacular views of Haleakala’s crater.

Be Safe

As with all Haleakala hikes, be sure to have adequate sun protection, as the elevation here means the sun’s rays– even on a cloudy day– are brutal. You’ll also want to have anything else you’ll need for the trail, especially if you’ll be camping. Check out our Haleakala camping packing list for more information.

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