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If you're looking for a picture-perfect bird's-eye view of Haleakala's crater floor as well as the best place to spot a rare silversword plant, then don't miss the Kalahaku overlook.

Just beyond Leleiwi Overlook, at approximately mile marker 18.7 on Highway 378, inside Haleakala National Park, turn left onto a short road and drive to the parking area. The rim overlook, at 9,324 ft., provides not only a simply superb view of the crater floor but also of the seemingly minuscule hikers exploring the cinder cones below your vantage point.  

There is an observation deck here with plaques that explain the different types of volcanic formations you'll see. This is also a great place to observe the Koolau Gap and Kaupo Gap. 

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The beautiful views of the Kalahaku Overlook at Haleakala National Park

The beautiful views of the Kalahaku Overlook at Haleakala National Park

Take this opportunity to spot rare Hawaii species: the 'ua'u, or Hawaiian dark-rumped petrel, as well as the fascinating silversword plant.

The Hawaiian dark-rumped petrel is known to nest in the cliff face towards the left side of the observation deck. At one point this lovely bird could be found on most of the main Hawaiian islands; sadly, today its home is mainly restricted to Haleakala, so make sure to look for it here.

You'll also want to keep your eyes peeled for the spiky Hawaii Silversword plant- a rare and interesting endemic Hawaiian plant found only in extremely localized areas. Haleakala's collection is widely considered to be the most beautiful and Kalahaku overlook is a prime location to spot them.

Great views and the chance to enjoy some of Haleakala's rare plants and animals... Kalahaku overlook is a must-see Haleakala stop. 

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Haleakala and all of Upcountry Maui are just ripe for exploring, whether you’re up for a thrilling high-adrenaline adventure or want something with a more laid-back and relaxed pace. A bike tour will have you zipping downhill from Haleakala’s summit. A zipline will also have you zipping… but over a waterfall and rainforest. If that’s not your style, then watch the breathtaking Haleakala sunset for a dance of colors and clouds like you’ve never seen before. Book your perfect Haleakala and Upcountry Maui tour here, and remember: the region’s popularity means tours can fill up quickly. Book as soon as possible to ensure availability.

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