Relaxation in its entirety. That’s what taking a break should be, right? A chance to breathe and forget about the world for a while.

Sometimes trips can be short, which, let’s face it, is not conducive to entire relaxation, but if you can squeeze a few more days out of that business trip or add onto the one-day layover, then do it.

Kauai wants you to stay.

So, why spend more time here? If you are on the island, you’ll already know this is a beautiful place to be, but we are about to incentivize you a bit more.

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1. Who Are You, Kauai?

Known as the Garden Isle, Kauai is the fourth biggest island among the Hawaiian archipelago. Covered in lush tropical rainforest for much of its surface, Kauai certainly earns the nickname.

And while we aren’t here for a pop culture lesson, we can let you know that this is the most famous island having been seen in quite a few Hollywood movies thanks to the dramatic cliffs of the Na Pali Coast.

As the oldest and northernmost of the islands the terrain and adventure trails bring people back, but there is a secret to this special place.

What is Kauai? It is the culture, still alive and well in Kauai’s small towns, and the atmosphere surrounding them that makes this place truly memorable. It is the laid-back attitude the locals have captured, bottled, and dispensed to everyone that visits.

2. Room For Everyone

Choosing accommodation is half the excitement. Room styles, restaurants, pools, and amenities are all things we look for to make our vacations more comfortable.

Did you know some accommodations are very specifically built for a certain kind of traveler?

Some don’t want to move from the resort. All amenities need to be in place, particularly if your stay is short. Formal dining, but casual days. Others want full-on family activities and adventures via island hopping. The whole enchilada.

Families traveling prefer kid-friendly accommodation with guided tours, and a kids club all on the must-have list. Then there are some travelers who view a hotel as simply a base. Somewhere to lay their head at night is all they need.

Travelers are as diverse as people themselves.

This is important for lots of families on vacation. Formal resorts and non-inclusive tours won’t be ideal if you have young children.

The Hawaiian Islands pride themselves on being one of the best places for families and the island of Kauai ramping that up a notch or two.

Kauai has taken the opportunity to cater to everyone’s needs.

From high-end luxury to family rooms with self-contained home-away-from-home amenities, it’s all here.

3. Free Activities

Going on vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. Sure, you save and plan, and that is half the fun, but isn’t it nice to know that there’s a place you can go with a lot to do that won’t cost a dime.

More to spend on shopping, right?

Kauai offers lots of free activities apart from the stunning beaches.

Waimea Canyon

Drive up and take one of the many hikes, or simply stop and breathe in that fresh air. You’re on top of the world here.

This is the grand canyon of the Pacific Islands. It's really worth taking the time to visit this magnificent area, full of trails, sites and a sense that it intends to bring everyone back down to earth.

The Kauai Coffee Company

Located in a little town called Kalaheo on the south side of Kauai is this coffee powerhouse. This site has a certain calmness in its presence just off the highway. You feel welcome here, like an old friend dropping in.

For coffee drinkers, this will be a favorite.

Of course, there is coffee and food here to buy, but you can try as much of their coffee range (extensive) as you like

Waterfalls at Wailua River State Park

It is free to see these stunning waterfalls, and there is more good news. There’s no hiking involved to get here. The park itself overlooks the twin waterfalls.

These falls have had their fifteen minutes of fame, having appeared on the long-running TV series Fantasy Island, and remain a reminder of how lush this island really is.

You’ll feel like you’re in another world.

Poipu Shopping Village

For those days when the weather is not on your side, take a trip to Poipu. Here you will not be lost for things to do and see. Free live entertainment is on offer with Hula shows showcasing this traditional Hawaiian dance everyone loves to do.

Do some shopping while you are here, or simply look around and enjoy the atmosphere and the locals.

There are lots of things to do on Kauai that don’t cost a thing. Do some research and pick your favorites.

4. You Have to See

Sure, there are always places people tell you are must-see but Kauai has an abundance.

So, if ticking items off a list is your jam, Kauai is a way to go. Some of them have even made the free things to-do list.

Let’s have a look at just a few.

Farmers Markets

No matter where you stay on Kauai there will be a market for you to enjoy. If staying in self-contained accommodation, you’ll have the advantage of taking home native fruit and vegetables for you to experience.

The most popular is probably North Shore in Hanalei, held on Sundays. Wherever you find one there will be entertainment, and locals preparing and sharing all their food and their lives with visitors.

Guided Tours

Recommended is at least one guided tour when you come to Kauai. Professional and knowledgeable tour leaders will leave you with a real sense that you have experienced a part of life here on Kauai.

Many incorporate a historical relevance with modern-day respect for all things past.

Whether it be a group Snorkeling tour or a solo helicopter flight, a tour is the best way to learn something new about this magnificent island. Taking tours help to support the communities, provide employment and help Kauai’s vision for self-sufficiency alive and well.

There’s definitely magic to this island. You can sense it on arrival. Less crowded than Oahu, and less frantic, if that makes sense, but still filled with a life lived it’s best.

This is kick-back time or all-in adventure bucket list chance. The choice is yours. That is what’s so perfect about Kauai; it allows you to choose.

Fantasy Island, indeed.

When you are ready, we can help. Pick the tours you like and the accommodation that’s perfect for you, then Plan, Book, Pack and go.

Need help with an itinerary. Hotel reception can help, but before you go, plan, plan, plan.

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