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Kauai, more than any other Hawaiian island, is a place to visit for its splendid natural beauty. There’s a good chance, however, that you’re picturing that beauty as it appears under a glowing sun and clear blue sky. While that is the norm, rain is a factor to consider on the Garden Isle. This article is designed to give tips on what to do if you encounter a rainy day during your Kauai visit. 

As you may notice, some weather forecasts indicate rain is an almost daily occurrence on Kauai. However, it’s important to know that Kauai rain is unlike the rain you might be accustomed to in one crucial way: it usually comes in surprisingly short bursts, and then the sun returns right after. 

A "rainy day" on Kauai refers to a longer period of time during which a system blankets the island in rain. Usually, this occurs when a low trough system or a Kona storm (which comes from the west, opposite the trades) approaches or covers the island.

If you would like more specific information about weather patterns, check out our Kauai Weather page

That said, here are our picks for some of the best rainy-day activities on Kauai for 2023. 

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2024 Kauai Visitor Guides

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Kauai Museum

It is located on Rice St. in Lihue. It's a two-building museum focusing on the voyaging of the Polynesians to Hawaii and Kauai up thru the Plantation Era. Beautiful displays and a video presentation. Excellent gift shop with unique Hawaii-made items available.

Grove Farm Museum

They are located on Nawiliwili Rd. This 80-acre sugar plantation belonged to George N. Wilcox and his nieces, who built their home in 1864. It was turned into a museum in 1978 and depicts the rise to fame of the prominent family. The main house is pristine, with walls and a staircase made of native Koa wood. Also on the grounds are a wash house, tea house, and guest cottage. Tours are available, and reservations are recommended. Check out the Grove Farm website for more info.


Kilohana is a beautiful Plantation Era home built by the Wilcox family - now with Gaylord's Restaurant and many shops. It features train rides and carriage rides as well. Visit their website for more information.

West Kauai Visitor Center

This excellent cultural museum located just next to Waimea Canyon Dr isn't just an ideal place to visit when the rain comes - it also takes you right into the heart of Waimea Town, which is typically one of the sunniest spots on the island.

Kokee State Park Museum

Located in Kokee State Park, this museum offers displays and information about the island and surrounding areas. Visit their website for more details. 


Available at:

  • Kukui Grove Shopping Center
  • Poipu Shopping Village
  • Old Koloa Town
  • Coconut Marketplace
  • Kong Lung Center
  • Hanalei Town

These areas are great for dodging raindrops, browsing, and even eating through the site!

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