Best Kid-Friendly Activities in Kauai


Looking for Hawaii’s heaven on Earth? You may have just found it.

Kauai is the second oldest island in the beautiful bouquet of isles that makes up the great state of Hawaii. Kauai is known as the Garden Isle, mostly because of its large undeveloped terrain, but there is so much more to this beauty.

Your head can be in the clouds literally, with activities such as helicopter rides, ziplining above the trees, or choose more earth-bound days filled with kid-friendly adventure-filled boat rides, coastal walks, and greeting the locals.

There’s plenty to do for everyone when you begin to discover this magnificent island paradise of Kauai.

Is it all rainbows and shave ice? Yes. It may just be.

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Go Coastal on Kauai Bike Path

Kauai bike path is perfect for all ages. From roller-bladers and joggers to teens working on their skateboarding prowess, this path shares visitors and locals alike.

This is the safest way for bike riders to explore, stop and rest or catch up for social activities. For serious off-roaders there’s even mountain bike tracks, suited to a more exhilarating ride.

Rent bikes for everyone or take a guided tour, this stretch of kid-friendly perfection caters for all.

A community organization, keen to have all walks of life enjoy the views and facilities are the creators of this safer alternative to street riding.

Bring some local food, breathe in all that fresh sea air and enjoy all the action.

Ultimate Whale and Dolphin Adventure

During the months of December through May, the waters of Hawaii bring home the most majestic of sea creatures, the humpback whale.

This boat ride with a difference, lets you witness whales as they breach and sing, almost like a performance just for you.

Kids love having a story to tell, and this adventure is one for the memories, with over two and a half hours of natural adrenaline.

Photographs do not do these creatures justice. See them up close and personal.

This is not just a kid-friendly activity, it’s an experience.

Shave Ice and Chill Out

Who doesn’t like a snow cone? This delicious local fare is Hawaii’s equivalent.

Try the lilikoi or lychee syrup, if you can’t decide. It’s the local’s choice.

Much more than just ice with flavorings, this can be somewhat of a meal in itself. Toppings including Mochi, savory beans, or a sweet and sour combination will have the kids squealing with delight at this comfort-level treat.

Another flavor? Yes, please.

Find your local outlet, and quickly.

Jurassic Journey

How about a Jurassic day? No, I don’t mean how your kids describe your birth date, this is the real thing.

Parts of the Jurassic Park movies were filmed at locations in Kauai and your kids can get a sense of really being there through the movie tour.

You will understand why Kauai is truly the most stunningly perfect panoramic site for such an iconic movie.

A movie tour is a great way to see how the filmmakers saw the island through the camera lens.

Not just for the kids, adults may get nostalgic with memories of films like “Six Days and Seven Nights,” “The Amazing Race,” “Fantasy Island,” “Gilligan’s Island,” “Blue Hawaii”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” All made in part, on this island.

Live and narrated. the kids will get a kick out of recognizing locations of some of the best adventure films made.

A great family activity.

Book a Seat on Top of the World

There are some things that simply cannot be seen by land or sea. Is there something you want to experience but isn’t available on an everyday road trip?

A helicopter ride gives you an experience from the air. Kauai’s rugged inaccessible coastline and the valleys beckon you.

Waterfalls, endless geography, and indescribable beauty threatening to be lost in today’s modern trappings can be viewed from the sky.

This is something you may only do with your kids once in a lifetime.

Looking for something they’ll remember always?

This is definitely the one.

Do As the Locals Do

Sometimes it is best to stop the clock for a few hours and let kids explore the local surroundings.

Local events are going on all around Kauai.

Hit the farmer’s markets for some amazing fruit and home-grown produce, art and craft, or simply find a spot to enjoy the local food and street performances.

Festivals and gatherings are within reach when you have the right information at your fingertips. Sometimes the locals are the best way to find those secret hideaways. Introduce yourself. People are very friendly and happy to let you know the best things to see and do.

There’s a lot to be said for letting your kids see how others live every day.

Explore the communities of Kauai in real-time.

A Few Tips Go a Long Way

  • Trekking will take a lot out of kids especially if they don’t hike or do much of that kind of activity when on home turf.
  • Extensive trails through humbling waterfalls by foot can be mitigated with a day or two of just hanging out with the kids and talking about what you’ve seen so far.
  • You can’t beat a day at the beach. Some beaches are calmer than others so it is a good idea to check which are a good fit for your family
  • Some days the weather is just not on your side. Preparing for mother nature can be forgotten in the excitement of a trip with kids. For rainy days, Kauai is still a great place to be. It is all about the planning.

Kauai is as breathtaking in its appearance as it is rich in history and its people’s respect for the land and sea which governed them. Today, this is still evident with an emphasis on balance and harmony, both physically and spiritually.

These days, kid-friendly activities on Kauai can offer a blend of these times gone by, with the inevitable fun everyone will have on this magical island.

Oh, and I dare you to count the chickens that happily peck and strut around most areas of Kauai. There’s plenty of them you’ll miss along the way, so don’t be surprised if the kids win any bet you may care to wager. 

When you’re ready, so are we. Take a look at our guides on kid-friendly activities on Kauai. What are you waiting for?  Make those plans to go, today.

It’s all waiting.

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