Car Rentals on Kauai

The island of Kauai is known as the Garden Island because of its lush and impressive scenery. This beautiful vacation destination has gorgeous beaches and rainforests you can explore during your stay.

While you’re planning a Kauai itinerary, considering the best time of year to visit, and considering all the attractions to see, don’t forget to figure out how you’re going to get around the island. Even though Kauai isn’t very large, the major towns and tourist areas are all spread apart, separated by the beautiful natural landscape.

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Renting a Car to Travel around the Island

Most visitors to Kauai rent a car to travel from one town to another. There are bus routes, but many of the best and free attractions aren’t close to the main highway, so you’ll need to access them by car. And renting your own vehicle makes traveling much more convenient than relying on taxis.

Renting a car in Kauai also gives you the freedom to see the Garden Island's scenery on your own terms. You can go where you want when you want. You can spend an extra hour lounging on the beach or take your time with dessert at a local restaurant. You might even discover a secluded location you can enjoy for as long as you wish!

It’s also easy to travel around Kauai by car. There is some traffic in the larger towns and villages during peak times of the day, but most of your traveling should be relaxing and full of amazing sights.

Car Rental Options

Because renting a car is a popular option for visitors to Kauai, there are plenty of options for temporary rentals. If you’re a planner, you can reserve your car in advance. But if you want to wait until you’re on the Garden Island, you should be able to find rental companies near the more populated towns.

We can help you find the ideal vehicle for your trip. Whether you’re looking for a simple, economy car, a full-sized car for family travel, a luxury vehicle for a smooth ride, or fun in a truck or convertible, we have the resources you need to search for the perfect car rental.

Discount Kauai Car Rentals

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Additional Kauai Resources

There are so many activities and attractions on Kauai, you might have trouble narrowing down the best itinerary. We have some resources where we’ve compiled our favorite tours, activities, and accommodations on the Garden Island. Make sure to check them out so you can plan an amazing vacation to Kauai.

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