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Beyond the Hana town limits, on Highway 31, you will soon discover nature’s gem. Please turn to the makai side, and catch a glimpse of Hamoa‘s stunning crescent-shaped beach, with its dark sand and cobalt water. Visitors find the contrast between the lava rock and white coral sand alluring and irresistible. Native Hala trees, palms, and flora highlight the contrast between Hamoa’s dark sand and cobalt water.


Overview of Hamoa Beach

Hamoa, a breathtaking beach, stretches 1,000 feet long and 100 feet wide. With sea cliffs surrounding it, lush vegetation blooms around the beach with striking beauty. If you want to snorkel or scuba dive, enjoy some decent snorkeling and good diving offshore; even better swimming and body surfing (mainly in the winter). If you can wrestle a kayak down to the beach, it is relatively easy to launch when the surf is down. Fringing reefs leave Hamoa unprotected, so the big surf hits the beach unimpeded in the winter months.


Directions to Hamoa Beach

Driving down Haneo‘o Road, the rugged cliffs give a beautiful coastal view. As you continue down towards the shore, you’ll notice ‘Alau Island offshore. It looks like a relatively small island with a few trees perched on top from this vantage point. You'll pass by Koki Beach on your left, and it's worth a stop if you have the time. Heading farther down the road beyond Koki Beach, you’ll discover one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Hawai‘i - the world-famous Hamoa Beach. After parking in the lot at the beach, proceed down the stairs to the shoreline. The surrounding grounds are nearly as captivating as the beach itself. 


Essential Tips for a Hamoa Beach Visit

Surfers, boogie boarders, and body surfers will surely catch some high waves during the winter. Furthermore, the path to the beach can feel steep, but swimmers will find the effort worth their time during the calmer months of summer and fall. You might have trouble finding a parking space. 


Hamoa Beach Amenities

The Hotel Hana Maui owns most of the beach in front of the resort. It has many facilities, including restrooms, showers, and picnic tables. There’s a foot-washing station near the parking area. The beach lacks an on-duty lifeguard but provides plenty of shady patches along the coast.

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Having Fun at Hamoa Beach

Family Activities at Hamoa Beach

We recommend taking the Road to Hana if you want a family adventure. Along the journey, make sure to visit Hamoa. Hamoa offers ocean adventures that feature the serenity of Maui’s leeward beaches and a slice of Hana’s radical wildness. Here, you and the family can enjoy a swim, a leisure stroll, a restful nap, or a picnic lunch. Afterward, explore the rest of Hana and enjoy other regional highlights like surfing, snorkeling, and hiking. While this Beach accommodates children and non-experienced swimmers, pay attention to the swells that dramatically increase during the winter. Plus, there are no lifeguards on duty. 


Hamoa Beach Activities 

Surfing: Beachgoers flock to this popular surfing haven-Hamoa Beach. Since ancient times, Hawaiians have gravitated to this Beach for spectacular surfing. The Hamoa beach faces treacherous waves during the winter as it remains unprotected from the lack of reefs. 

Boogie boarding and bodysurfing: One of the more fun spots for body surfing is here. Many flocks to this popular destination, specifically boogie boarding and bodysurfing, are also famous.

Snorkeling: During calm summer, enjoy a good experience near the cove. Yet, take some precautions since the open ocean exposes the Beach to powerful currents.

Swimming: The sand running into the ocean during low tide makes it easier to swim during the Fall and Summer when seas are calm.


Nearby Attractions and Sights

Hana Town: Hana Town, one of the most isolated areas in Hawaii, holds fewer than 1,000 people. This remote town, located on the west side of Maui,  still has an authentic Hawaiian vibe. Thus, the area encounters less tourism exposure than other Hawaiian destinations. This area is home to great sites like Oheo Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools) and the Bailey Bridge.

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