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One of the World's Most Scenic Drives 

Some of the most frequently asked questions about driving the Road to Hana on Maui are "Is the drive for me?" and ''Why all the controversy about the road beyond Hana town?" Below we'll cover both of these topics. Don't forget to grab your copy of our Road to Hana eBook.

If you've done any research regarding the Hana Highway, then you know there is quite a debate over whether the drive is worth the time and effort. So that brings us to the first question: Is the Hana Highway right for you and your travel party? The answer isn't a simple yes or no. Ultimately, it really comes down to the type of traveler you are and what your interests include. From a personal standpoint, there is no way we'd ever go to Maui and not drive the highway. We've rated the Hana Highway at the very top of our " Maui Must See & Do." But we know several others who are just as inclined to tell you to skip it altogether. This divergence in opinion is what causes the great debate.

If you’re not up for debating and simply want the easiest and most comfortable way to see the sights, we highly recommend booking a Road to Hana tour with our recommended providers. Best of all, their friendly guides know all the best stops so you won’t have to worry about missing a thing. (Or arguing with your travel companions!) 

For many travelers, a Road to Hana guided tour is simply the best and most comfortable option- and who doesn't want comfort on vacation? That way you can sit back, relax, take in the sights, and not have to worry about all the details. 

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So, is the Road to Hana Drive for me?

With everything said above, here are a few more things to keep in mind when deciding if you want to make the drive. If you answer yes to most of these, then we'd recommend the drive. However, if you feel you are answering no to most of these, then you might want to consider spending your time somewhere else.

1.) Are you and all the people in your party comfortable with frequent turns without getting motion sickness? If not, all the turns might be a rough journey. Since one of us has motion sickness, initially, this was a concern. We can gladly say we have not once had anyone ever get sick on this drive. However, we've always been in the front seat of the car together, either driving or observing as a passenger. Passengers in the back seat may have a completely different experience. There are several ways to prevent motion sickness. We prefer the wristbands.

2.) Are you comfortable driving in traffic? Are you prepared to drive in it at a slow pace if you get started late? Depending on how early you start, you may or may not encounter a lot of traffic. We again stress that 7 a.m. is the very latest to start the journey, and we say that for many reasons, but traffic is one of the larger ones. Your enjoyment-- or lack thereof-- can be determined by how you deal with traffic on the highway.

3.) Do you have the time available for the drive? There is so much to see on the Hana Highway, in Hana, at the Oheo Gulch, and beyond to Upcountry Maui that a single day cannot encompass everything. You would honestly be rushing yourself to do this drive with any less than two full days. Whatever you do, never try to make any portion of the drive in the dark. Keep an eye on the time, and if that means skipping places to get started back, do it. The road is not well lit, and local traffic can make it more stressful. As we previously recommended, staying a night in Hana would quickly alleviate this problem. Here you can read more about driving the Hana Highway in a single day.

4.) Are you willing to drive the highway twice? Many car rental companies technically prohibit the southeast drive; plus, the road is often closed due to rock slides. That means you may need to turn around and make the drive back. Suddenly, 600 turns and 50+ bridges become double that number!

5.) Are you prepared to stop A LOT to see all the sights? The Hana Highway is great from a car, but to appreciate it, you're going to have to stop frequently, get out of the car, and in some cases, walk or hike a bit to see things. For us, this is ideal. But not everyone likes the idea of even light hiking, so keep that in mind when deciding to make the drive or not. The highway is beautiful from a car window, but it cuts down on its "worth" in our book if you aren't likely to step outside the car.

What previously happened on the Piilani Highway (Hwy 31)?

As of this writing, the Piilani Highway IS open to the public and will remain so unless local conditions change. At times in the past, the Piilani Highway was closed beyond the Oheo Gulch due to earthquake damage and rockslides.

That said, in regards to the second most-asked question, "Why the controversy about the road beyond the Oheo Gulch (Kipahulu)?" First and foremost, the decision to make the drive is yours alone. If you break down out there, don't say we told you to do it. Frankly, though, don't let the rental companies or alarmists online fool you- the drive beyond the Oheo Gulch isn't half as bad as they proclaim it is, and it's perfectly fine terrain, with just a few rough areas such as broken pavement and regularly graded road.

About 30 years ago, this was a terrible stretch of road, and at times, due to instability in the cliffs above, it still can be. This is why it can sometimes close due to rock slides. If you choose not to make this journey, several of the stops at the end of our guide, in Upcountry Maui, can still be accessed by the fully-paved Highway 37.

Hopefully, you're still considering the drive, and the items above helped to clarify if the drive is for you or not. We don't think you'll be disappointed if you make the journey. No other drive has quite the charm and beauty of the Road to Hana on Maui and beyond.

HawaiiGuide encourages all visitors, prior to visiting the Hana area, to please refer to the official Hana Highway Code of Conduct, provided by the Hana Highway Regulation, An initiative of the Hana Community Association. Mahalo!

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