Big Island Events in April

Events & Festivals on the Big Island of Hawaii

2023 Events and Festivities

Events for the Big Island of Hawaii in April 2023 will be posted in the coming weeks. Typically, we'll update this page about six to eight weeks before the month in question. Below, you can review a summary of what happened within the last 12-18 months, as many of these Hawaii events are held annually.

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2022 Events and Festivities

Events and festivals are continuing to ramp up across the islands, but things still aren’t quite as they once were. For many, it’s still hard to know what is happening, what isn’t happening, and whether or not any of that will change at the last minute.
The good news for April Big Island visitors is - there is definitely action forecasted. Here is a guide to some of the highlights that you should keep an eye on.
As of writing, things are still a bit up in the air. We recommend continually checking on these events as they approach and have provided the online resources for you to do so in each case.

Kau Coffee Festival

In April, Kau Coffee is hosting a whole range of virtual events to celebrate the rich coffee culture on the Island of Hawaii.
This accumulates to become a month-long festival which will include everything from music and hula to virtual farm tours, to brewing lessons from local experts. While the festival itself will be held virtually, you can choose to also visit the farm, which is located in the small town of Pahala, in person.
When: April 1st - April 30th
Where: Virtual
More Info:

Ho’ike Night at the Merrie Monarch Festival

For a minute there, it looked like this beloved annual festival might not be an option at all this year - but in early March, the announcement was finally made that tickets will be sold to the general public to attend Ho’ike Night on April 20th.
This iconic hula showcase will be a little different in 2022. Tickets will cost $5 each, and they must be purchased in cash at the Hilo Civic Box Office, located at 323 Manono St in Hilo. Tickets go on sale starting March 15th.
For more info and updates, we recommend checking the festival’s official website.
When: Wednesday, April 20th, 6 PM
Where: 323 Manono St, Hilo
More Info: ​​

Big Island Chocolate Festival

This is one of those events that needs no further explanation. If you’re visiting the Big Island during the month of April, keep an eye out for the official dates of the 5th annual Big Island Chocolate Festival to be announced.
Thanks to the uncertainty COVID-19 continues to inflict upon everyone’s calendars, there are some reports that the festival could be pushed back to May. Our advice is - ignore the rumors and follow the source. The festival has both a website and an Instagram that, at the time of writing, are yet to announce dates officially.

When: April TBD
Where: The Westin Hapuna Beach Resort
More Info:

Whether it’s tasting world-renowned chocolate or delving into the island’s unique and incredible universe of coffee, April on the Island of Hawaii is set to have no shortage of interesting and memorable activities for visitors to immerse themselves in.

We hope you found this introductory guide to be a helpful resource for planning your visit. Mahalo and see you in April!

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