When you consider the appeal of fishing, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect destination than Hawaii; the idyllic weather, the beautiful water…and not to mention the remarkable variety of fish!

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, or even just someone interested in trying out the experience, we recommend adding it to your activity list during your visit. Herein lies a quick but complete set of tips for booking your Hawaii fishing trip.

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Tip #1: Choose Your Island

The Kailua-Kona coast is considered by most to be the ultimate Hawaiian fishing location. There are several reasons for this, the most notable being the offshore immediacy of extremely deep waters and the wide variety of “big game” fish.
That being said, each island offers excellent fishing opportunities, and another spot may be a more suitable choice for you.
Both Maui and Oahu present most of their catchable fish on their western sides. Meanwhile, Kauai actually has stellar fishing on virtually all sides and resembles The Big Island, if not in size, in its very deep waters very close to the shore.

No matter which island you’re on, you will be able to book an awesome fishing trip; to a large extent, it comes down to which island you personally would most like to visit.

Tip #2: Book Early

These excursions are more popular than you might think. This is especially true off the Kailua-Kona coast of course, but it applies to other locations as well.

In addition to popularity, exclusivity also plays a factor. Fishing charters are often long, sometimes all-day ventures, able to accommodate only a handful of people on one boat.
All this means sellouts are common. If you’re looking to book a fishing trip, be sure to look well in advance.

Tip #3: Research the Charter

Different charters vary widely in terms of the overall logistics. Some last 2 hours. Others last 9. Obviously, this has other implications. Should you pack your own food? Will they pick you up at your hotel? These are all very important factors to prepare for. Most charters are forthcoming and make the information easy to find, but no matter what, it’s still worth calling or otherwise contacting in advance.

Tip #4: Learn the Local Fish!

Some of you may be familiar with the cast already, but whatever your level of knowledge, researching and learning about the amazing range of wild fish to be found off Hawaii’s shores is a great way to prepare and further excite yourself as your fishing trip approaches.

Tuna is arguably the definitive catch, coming in multiple varieties and sometimes weighing more than a German Shepherd. Others include billfish, bonefish, mahi mahi, and more. Learning about the local fish also can help you book your trip at the correct season. For example, tuna tends to peak during the summer.

Booking a fishing trip in Hawaii is a fantastic way to soak in the tropical sun, spend quality time with friends/family, and wrangle some of the islands’ most formidable and colorful creations. For fishing enthusiasts, it’s a guaranteed trip highlight.

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