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Though famous for its traditionally less-crowded, more laid-back tendencies, the island of Maui is still a great place to be if you’re on the hunt for local farmers’ markets.

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West Maui

The island’s unique shape can make identifying what is “west” or “north” or “east” oddly perplexing. View Maui squarely on a map, however, and you’ll see that the “head” of this anthropomorphic landmass is actually its western end.

This is where you’ll find the Napili Farmers’ Market. Specifically, you’ll find it every Wednesday and Saturday between 8 am and 12 pm at 4900 Honoapiilani Highway, a.k.a. Maui Route 30. Local, organic produce abounds here. You’ll also find more distinctive products like Hawaiian honey, handmade jewelry, hot sauce, and even some all-natural cosmetics like essential oils. There’s also live music performed regularly.

East Maui

On the opposite end of the island lies the iconic Hana Coast. This region is so famous for local food that Gordon Ramsey came here on an episode of his TV show Uncharted. In fact he specifically paid a visit to Ono Farms, an organic family-owned farm which plausibly claims for itself the title of Maui’s “original.” You too can visit this very special farm. Chuck Boerner, the president/owner who appeared alongside Ramsey during the TV segment, is available for direct contact by phone or email. Schedule a contactless fruit box pickup, or go all out and reserve an exotic fruit adventure: a guided full tour of the farm held Mondays - Fridays. The farm also hosts its own farmers’ market all day Mondays and Thursdays at the Hasegawa General Store in Hana.

South Maui

The true southern end of the island is almost entirely consumed by nature; albeit nature you can, and most definitely should, visit during your stay.

Near the south, however, lies the city of Kihei, and here you’ll find one of the most authentic farmers’ markets on the entire island. Named simply Farmers’ Market Maui, this longstanding market is located at 61 S Kihei Rd. You’ll find the market open Mondays - Thursdays from 8 am to 4pm, Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm, and Saturdays from 7 am - 5 pm. That’s no less than 51 hours a week, an unusually high level of availability.

This market was first founded nearly half a century ago by Wayne Nishiki, who can still be found there in the mornings preparing his famous guacamole alongside his family, all of whom work together to prepare the wide assortment of delicious local foods you can find here.

North/Central Maui

Once again, the unique shape of the island makes simple concepts like “north” much more ambiguous. Although cartographically southeast of West Maui, the city of Wailuku is technically “northern,” and it is also home to Kumu Farms.

This is an excellent local source for organic produce, open Tuesdays - Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm at 1670 Honoapiilani Highway.

All around the island, you’ll find at least a market or two where fresh local produce is on offer. Visiting these unique places is a fantastic way to eat well, and also to connect with local culture. We cannot recommend it highly enough!

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