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Events & Festivals on the Island of Oahu

2023 Events and Festivities

Events for Oahu in April 2023 will be posted in the coming weeks. Typically, we'll update this page about six to eight weeks before the month in question. Below, you can review a summary of what happened within the last 12-18 months, as many of these Hawaii events are held annually.

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2022 Events and Festivities

As we move towards spring and as travel to Hawaii becomes more and more viable once again (knock on wood), curiosity and confusion abound when it comes to upcoming events and festivals.

In Oahu, often the center of the action, people are more inquisitive than anywhere else. What, in the coming weeks and months, will be held on the island - and what won’t?

It’s not always easy to answer this question, but we’re here to help. The good news is that, despite everything, lots of fun stuff is on the calendar in the Gathering Place.
Here are some of the most exciting events and festivals coming to Oahu in April 2022.


Easter Sunday falls on April 17th this year. This naturally produces a whole ecosystem of celebration.
Surrounding the holiday, many if not most restaurants and bars introduce specials in some form or another. Easter brunches are particularly popular, such as the Easter brunch at Duke’s Waikiki or Tiki’s Grill & Bar
You will have no problem finding and enjoying the variety of surprising features that come with the holiday if you’re in town for it - they are everywhere.

Earth Day

Another April holiday that always makes waves in Oahu is Earth Day.
Once again, the celebration shows up all over. The Waikiki Aquarium hosts an environmental expo every year. Numerous celebrations and awareness-raising events are held on campuses, streets, beaches, and elsewhere.

Earth Day is a big deal in Hawaii, and perhaps that’s not surprising given that it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. If you’re in Oahu on or around the 22nd, expect to see lots of action surrounding this holiday as well.

Honolulu On Tap

The epic, nationwide beer festival is scheduled for April 2nd.
Showcasing over 130 craft beer styles from 65 American breweries, Honolulu On Tap is set to be held in Blaisdell Center. The event will also feature numerous food vendors and live music.

Both general admission and VIP tickets are on offer - the VIP including early access to beer sampling.

More information is still to be announced about this event - we recommend following their Facebook page for updates on the 2022 instance of this annual event.

Movie Night at the Water Park

On April 16th this year, Wet’N’Wild in Kapolei is set to host a movie night.

Cleverly called “Dive’n’Movie Night,” this is a fantastic event for the whole family. Imagine watching a movie together while floating in an innertube under the magnificent Hawaiian night sky. Other pluses like food/drink specials and giveaways are also involved.

The movie is Peter Rabbit 2, and the water park is located at 400 Farrington Way in Kapolei.

Whether it’s a water park movie night, a national beer festival, or a special restaurant meal to celebrate one or more major holidays - April 2022 in Oahu is set to be action packed. Just make sure to continually check on all of these events as the dates approach - sadly, a 100% guarantee of their making it to the finish line is still impossible given the still-ongoing circumstances.

We hope you find this introductory list helpful and exciting! As always, mahalo and best wishes for your April visit!

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