2023 Events and Festivities

Fall is coming to Hawaii, and for the island of Oahu, the month of September means lots of annual traditions - some of which have been running for longer than most of us have been alive.

From history, to live performances, to really, really tasty food - here are the best events and festivals coming to Oahu in September.

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2023 Okinawan Festival

The Hawaii United Okinawa Association started this festival back in 1982. It celebrates Hawaii’s rich Okinawan culture and features live performances, local food, and ample opportunities for cultural education through exhibits and other experiences.

When: September 2nd & September 3rd
Where: 1801 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu (Hawaii Convention Center)
More Info: 2023 Okinawan Festival

47th Annual Honolulu Intertribal Powwow

An even older annual tradition than the Okinawan Festival will occur a week later at Honolulu’s iconic Bishop Museum. The Honolulu Intertribal Powwow gathers hundreds of people to celebrate indigenous traditions through music and dance.

When: September 9th, September 10th, 10 AM - 5 PM
Where: 1525 Bernice St, Honolulu (Bishop Museum)
More Info: Oahu Intertribal Council

69th Annual Waikiki Hoolaulea

We sense a competition brewing. Smoking both the powwow and the Okinawan Festival by a quarter of a century is the Waikiki Hoolaulea. 2023 marks its 69th annual iteration. Described as Hawaii’s premier block party, Saturday, September 23rd is the ultimate time to visit Honolulu’s Kalakaua Avenue if you’re looking for music, art, beer, food, live performances, and more. 

When: Saturday, September 23rd, 6 PM - 9:30 PM
Where: Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu
More Info: Visit Aloha Festivals, Call 808-398-0567, or email [email protected]

75th Annual Floral Parade

Amazingly, if you thought Waikiki Hoolaulea was the oldest annual event still running, wait until the following Saturday and head back to Kalakaua Avenue. There, you’ll find the legendary Floral Parade, which in 2023 will be happening for the 75th time. That’s right - there were 48 states in the US when this tradition began, and Hawaii was not one of them. Horses, flowers, marching bands, and more will cascade down the avenue, showcasing Hawaii’s beautiful history and culture.

When: Saturday, September 30th, 9 AM - 12 PM
Where: Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu
More Info: Visit Aloha Festivals, Call 808-398-0567, or email [email protected]

Royal Court Investiture & Opening Ceremony

This celebration kicks off the rest of the Aloha Celebrations happening in September. Although not a direct continuation of a long-standing tradition, in some sense, this is the oldest and most cherished ritual of all - a self–described “stately ceremony” honoring the ruling chiefs of Hawaii. A beautifully dressed Royal Court, hula dancing, and live music is yet another event not to miss!

When: Saturday, September 9th, 4 PM - 6 PM
Where: 2259 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu (The Royal Hawaiian)
More Info: Visit Aloha Festivals, call 808-523-8802, or email [email protected]

We hope you find this a helpful guide to planning your September in Oahu. As always, mahalo, and best wishes for your visit!

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