The island of Oahu isn’t Hawaii’s most visited solely because of its world famous beaches, resorts, and historical landmarks. It is also a spectacular destination for farmers’ markets.

Wherever you are on the island, you’re almost certainly close to at least a few places where an array of local produce is being sold. Visiting Hawaiian farmers’ markets is an opportunity to discover delicious flavors, beautiful art, and engage with the local community and culture. We highly recommend it as a way to richly enliven your trip.

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And, when it comes to having rich, enlivening experiences connecting with local culture, farmers’ markets on Oahu are practically in a league all their own. Consider this your introductory guide to some of the best farmers’ markets happening now on the island of Oahu, from north, to south, to everywhere in between.


If you’re among the majority of annual visitors who choose to stay in or around the state capital of Honolulu on the island’s southern coast, then you’re also choosing to be next door to the majority (but by no means totality) of Oahu farmers’ markets.

An obvious enough start is the Honolulu Farmers’ Market. This definitive-sounding market is organized and hosted by the Hawaii Farm Bureau, who are in fact responsible for numerous farmers’ markets around not only Oahu but Kauai and the Big Island as well. They are an excellent resource for finding markets wherever you happen to be.

The Honolulu Farmers’ Market is held every Wednesday from 4 pm to 7 pm at the Neal S Blaisdell Center, located at 777 Ward Ave. You’ll likely want to spend considerable time here, wandering from stand to stand finding fresh fruit, diverse cuisine, teas, wines, and so much more. But you don’t have to worry about how long you stay - parking is free!

Nearby, you can also attend the farmers’ market put on by the Hyatt Regency Resort on Waikiki Beach. This market is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 pm to 8 pm.

North Shore

On the island's opposite end, as surf enthusiasts revel in what is like the holy land, more farmers' markets are on offer.

The Waialua Farmers Co-op Market is located at the Old Sugar Mill in Waialua. This market is a fantastic place to find excellent local produce of unique local artwork. We suggest stopping by this market if you are in the area on Saturdays.

Windward Oahu/East

If you’re staying in the east, also known as Windward Oahu, you can find several great markets even without having to make the relatively quick drive down to Waikiki.

Another major market brought to us all by the Hawaii Farm Bureau is the Kailua Farmers’ Market. This is held every Thursday from 4 pm to 7 pm at the Kailua Town Center at 609 Kailua Rd. Parking is once again free, and much of the same incredible produce to be found at the market in Honolulu can also be found here. So can a number of unique offerings; for example, donuts and crepes. These crepes are served by Crepes Hawaii, and even reading their online menu full of both meal and dessert style crepes can be enough to induce drooling and table chewing.

Another option is the Windward Mall, where they host a farmers’ market on Wednesdays from 2 pm to 6 pm and Sundays from 9:45 am to 2 pm. Much of the produce on offer here comes directly from local farms such as Waiahole Valley Farms, Hanawahine Farms, and numerous others. Here you’ll find all you need in terms of local cooking, as well as locally-made cooking ingredients.

South. North. Windward. It doesn’t matter - local produce is all around you. All of the major Hawaiian Islands are bombastic producers of one-of-a-kind goods to be eaten, worn, looked at, and so forth. Oahu may not be the biggest producer, nor the island necessarily with the most farmers’ markets overall; however, it may be the island with some of the best.

Between the massive market experiences put together by the Hawaii Farm Bureau, the quaint classic surfer favorites, and the iconic locations, such as on the world-famous Waikiki Beach; on Oahu you’ll find yourself in what is essentially Disneyland for farmers’ market lovers. It is a virtual guarantee that you will find more than you’ll even know what to do with; there is so much the island of Oahu has to offer its curious, open-minded, hungry visitors.

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