The island of Maui is unquestionably one of the most romantic destinations on the planet. For newlyweds, the menu of unforgettable experiences is as rich as it is vast.

In a paradise like this, it’s hard to go wrong - but not impossible. For something like a honeymoon, you want to be sure you’ve booked the right trip; and that means booking the right tour(s).

Here’s your guide to the absolute best romantic tours to be found on the island of Maui for honeymooning couples.

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Take a Sunset Cruise

This, we imagine, is a fairly self-explanatory suggestion. Imagine getting on a small boat, sailing out into calm, pristine ocean waters, and enjoying two front row seats to one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets. Toss in the fact you’re also likely to see dolphins and whales while enjoying snacks and cocktails, and it’s really a no-brainer.

This is truly one of the most romantic things to do in the world; so, if you’re honeymooning on Maui, seize the opportunity while you’ve got it.

Drive the Road to Hana

If you’re not already familiar with it, then this suggestion is probably somewhat less self-explanatory, but trust us: if you ask anyone who has driven this unforgettable stretch of road, they’ll insist you do so as well.

This scenic drive, nicknamed the Highway to Heaven, is in fact the undisputed top attraction on the island of Maui. Not only is it stunningly beautiful with surprises around every corner, it is also highly romantic.

We have a complete guide to driving the road which we recommend you check out for further information!

Whale Watching

Maui is the best island to see whales. Numerous tours are available, and whale watching season is quite long, generally running from October to May and peaking from January to March.

Perhaps watching a 60-thousand-pound animal erupt out of the ocean doesn’t sound like the most traditionally romantic activity; but don’t be deceived. Particularly for nature lovers, venturing out together and encountering these marvelous creatures in their natural habitat is one of the most unforgettable experiences money can buy.

For honeymooners seeking wonder, amazement, and indelible memories, look no further. Check our detailed guide to whale watching in Hawaii for more info!

Fly in a Helicopter

Another more adventurous option that is perfect for couples is the air. Flying in a helicopter is pretty extraordinary no matter where you do it; flying in a helicopter around the island of Maui is an experience unlike any other.

There’s a reason why these tours are so outrageously popular. Frankly, there are countless reasons, from inland valleys to waterfalls to coastlines to cliffs and beyond. But there is one key reason why it should be considered on any honeymooners’ list: it will blow both of your minds.

Enjoying intimate peace and tranquility is surely romantic, and there’s plenty to be found on Maui; but rocketing over cinematic landscapes with a mix of joy, awe, maybe even slight terror? These are the moments you’ll tell your grandchildren about.

Participate in a Luau

How have we made it this far in the list without a proper food activity? Sharing a meal together is quintessential romance, and no food experience could be more Hawaiian than the traditional luau.

In addition to delicious, fresh local cooking, you’re also likely to see impressive dance performances (often involving fire) and get the chance to connect with local culture. Adorn leis, sit together in the firelight, and watch the romance bloom. In fact, it positively fills the air during such special events as this.

Visit a Spa

Lastly, if helicopter riding, food eating, or even standing upright don’t sound relaxing enough, you can opt to visit a spa. There are lots of incredible options here; this may have something to do with the fact that Hawaii, and arguably Maui in particular, are the unrivaled apex of spa locations.

Getting a massage in warm tropical air, with the breeze just light enough, the crashing waves just soft enough, is about as relaxing a thing as there is to be found in the observable universe. Plus, for couples it is both luxurious and very romantic.

It will surely become another highlight memory from your trip…if you stay awake to remember it.

Whether seeking adventure, seeking a great meal, or seeking tranquil intimacy, the island of Maui is full of opportunities for couples to have unforgettable experiences together. We hope you too will soon discover why so many have chosen this island as their dream honeymoon destination.

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