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Traditional marketing and advertising are only as good an investment as the return it yields your business. GuideofUS Hawaii operates uniquely on the concept of returning real and measurable value to both our direct clients (business owners) and potential Hawaii visitors. We do this through a proprietary system called Guidelink.

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Guidelink is the unique process of pairing our visitors, at the proper stage of the travel planning funnel, with the business services that best suit their respective needs. This highly targeted approach yields significantly higher conversion rates than traditional advertising or marketing strategies. This is because we intimately focus on each unique campaign to establish an authentic ‘link’ between the visitor and relevant services. This ultimately ensures value-driven results for our business partners that are continuously refined through evaluation of our robust visitor network and the corresponding analytics.

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Cost Per Event Campaigns (CPE)

GuideofUS Hawaii offers a variety of 'event-based' campaigns business owners can choose from. Each campaign is carefully measured, refined, and continuously optimized to provide the most value to our Guidelink partners.

While GuideofUS Hawaii utilizes what initially resonates as common advertising methods, like CPC, CPM, and CPA, - ultimately, our campaign strategies are significantly different from traditional methods. Our highly targeted approach to linking visitors with related services that are of high interest to them typically results in lower overall impressions and clicks, which is initially counterintuitive, but our established Guidelink system has proven to provide significantly higher value per qualified lead and ultimately yields a substantially higher return on the investment.

Additionally, GuideofUS Hawaii offers fully automated Email Campaigns that can deliver impressions and clicks from thousands of future Hawaii visitors.

Throughout each campaign, our client will determine their respective budget and GuideofUS Hawaii will subsequently control the exposure. GoUS Hawaii can turn the proverbial facet on a lot or a little depending on the client’s exposure, click-through, or lead nurturing requirements.

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