Traveling to Hawaii during October

Weather, Crowds, & Prices for October

By October, many people are already suffering from the fall blues. If you think you need a little rest, Hawaii offers a paradise retreat with near-perfect weather, reasonable average hotel rates, and the ideal balance of calming natural beauty and exciting events. Here are some things to consider if you have decided to book a well-earned getaway in October.

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Hawaii Weather in October

First up on our October in Hawaii review is the weather. Mid-fall is a good time of year, although the islands are slowly entering the rainy season. You might see slightly higher chances for rain, but nothing that would ruin your trip.

Hawaii rains tend to fall mostly at night, so the chances are that you will be sleeping soundly during the showers. Also, if it does rain in the day, the showers tend to be in sudden, short bursts. You can also consider booking your accommodations on the leeward side of the islands, as these spots typically experience fewer showers. The island you choose will also make a difference. Big Island sees the least rainfall, while Kauai sees the most.

Temperatures are perfect hovering in the mid to high 80s range. Evenings are equally pleasant dropping into the 70s. This is preferable to the middle 60s that you might see in the spring and winter months. September and October boast the warmest ocean temperatures, making October ideal for water sports fanatics. Even if you want to dip your toes in the ocean as you are strolling along the beach, you will find the tepid waters are a welcome surprise.  

When traveling throughout the islands, you will see some variations of temperature if you are going into the mountains or climbing the volcanoes. Higher altitudes mean lower temperatures even in Hawaii. You can bring along a jacket, so you aren’t left shivering on your mountain adventures.

The only downside to traveling in October is that it is hurricane season in the Pacific. Although this sounds a little scary, hurricanes and tropical storms rarely hit Hawaii. It’s just good to know it is a possibility when you are planning a trip.

October Temperatures in Hawaii

October Temperatures in Hawaii

Hawaii Rainfall in October

Hawaii Rainfall in October

Hawaii Crowds in October

If you want to avoid crowds in summer, October is perfect. It is one of the least traveled times of the year as summer is over, and the holidays are still a few months away. That’s not to say you will encounter massive crowds of people at any other time of the year. It does mean that there is a noticeable drop in tourism in the fall months.

Hawaii Visitor Arrivals in October

Hawaii Visitor Arrivals in October

Hawaii Costs in October

October is one of the best times of year to travel to Hawaii for the budget-conscious person. Hotel rates are well below the annual average dipping down to about $335 per night. When you compare that to the peak season of $450, that looks pretty sweet. Airfares are harder to predict, but in general, October tends to see lower fares. You can always search for deals online.

Hawaii Hotel Rates

Hawaii Hotel Rates

Hawaii Events & Highlights in October

If you consider yourself a foodie, October is the only time of year to attend the annual Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. Expansion of the event promises to make it better than ever. Here are a few more events to attend:

  • Hawaii Food & Wine Festival: This festival covers multiple islands over three weekends. Each event features world-renowned master chefs, other culinary personalities, as well as wine and spirit producers. The event promotes 100% sustainability and invites you to "Taste our Love for the Land."
  • Coconut Festival: This Kauai event honors the humble coconut with entertainment, cooking demonstrations, artisans, crafters, kooky coconut games, pie eating contests, a coconut cook-off, activities, and of course, plenty of food featuring—you guessed it—coconut.
  • Emalani Festival: This is one of Kauai’s most significant cultural events and is filled with songs, hula, history, and spectacle.
  • Maui Fair: The Maui Fair is a family-oriented educational event that features local food, entertainment, horticulture, livestock, homemaking, art exhibits, and competitions.
  • Ironman Competition: This is hailed as the most iconic Triathlon event. Athletes test their endurance and beat their personal bests on the world stage.

October is an excellent month to book your Hawaiian vacation if you want to see pristine weather, reasonable rates, fewer crowds, and many cultural events.

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