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Whether you're looking for a sunset ceremony on powdery, soft sand; a dramatic cliffside ceremony overlooking the sea; a secluded tropical ceremony with a waterfall backdrop; or even a ceremony on a black sand beach frequented by sea turtles, Hawaii has the perfect beach for you! 

Check out our island-by-island guide to the best Hawaiian beaches for your destination wedding and start planning the Hawaiian wedding of your dreams! 

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Photo By: Timory McDonald Photography

Photo By: Timory McDonald Photography


The island of Kauai has a romantic natural beauty that perfectly sets the stage for a destination beach wedding. Kauai is home to many quiet and secluded beaches that are perfect for taking wedding portraits and having an intimate exchange of wedding vows. Here are our two favorites:

Lydgate Beach on Kauai

Lydgate Beach

Located on the Coconut Coast, Lydgate Beach has it all. Boasting miles of golden sand with rocky outcrops on one side and mountain views, grassy areas, and shade trees on the other, it’s the perfect site for your ceremony and reception. Relatively unvisited, you and your guests may just have this location all to yourselves. 

Kee Beach on Kauai

Ke’e Beach

The North Shore offers palm trees and turquoise waters, all of the elements that are exactly what you picture when you think of a Hawaiian wedding. Lava peaks trail into the sea and emerald mountains rise just beyond the beach. The sunsets are perfection. Every guest will be thrilled to attend your wedding at Ke'e Beach


Since weddings are a big part of Maui’s economy, the local government has made it very easy to get married here with low fees and hassle-free permitting. There is one important stipulation to be aware of: Maui beach weddings cannot exceed 20 people, including the bride and groom, officiate, service providers, and guests. However, if you have an intimate guest list, the vibe here is very conducive to a simple, relaxed wedding. 

Mokapu Beach on Maui

Mokapu Beach

Meaning “Sacred Island” in the Hawaiian language, this beach is covered in golden sand bordered with palm trees. Large swaths of shaded grass are also part of the landscape. Offshore, the land slopes gently into the soft waves which are perfect for walking in barefoot. Head to the far end of the beach for an uncrowded section of sand.

Kamaole Beach on Maui

Kamaole Beach III

Of the triad of Kamaole Beach Parks, #3 is the most unique. The rock promontories on each end provide a picturesque backdrop, especially as the waves crash splendidly into the air (exercise caution when walking close to the breaks). There’s an added bonus of the rock promontories: they block the afternoon trade winds, keeping the beach area calm.   

Big Island

On the Big Island, you’ll often stand in awe of Mother Nature. From the molten lava flowing out of volcanoes, the snow-capped peaks, the verdant rainforests, and the beautiful black beaches, your wedding here is sure to be inspiring and unforgettable. 

Kua Bay Big Island

Manini`owali Beach (Kua Bay)

Kua Bay can get crowded, but for good reason! Azure, turquoise, aquamarine, and cobalt are just some of the shades of blue you’ll see in the sea. With a wide, clean, white sand running alongside, many consider this the most beautiful beach in Kona.   

Punaluu Beach Big Island

Punalu'u Beach

Bridal parties come to Punalu'u Beach for the black sand formed from molten lava. Don’t be surprised if you see endangered turtles swimming just offshore or burying their eggs in a nest. On the south end, there is a grove of coconut palms making the scene even more ideal. Look around and you may just feel like you’re in another world.


Two main reasons people choose to get married on Oahu are: One, it’s convenient to fly to since there are many direct flights from mainland airports. Two, from affordable to luxurious, there are options for every budget. Additionally, Oahu’s coastline is surrounded by more linear miles of beach than any other Hawaiian island.

Waimanalo Beach on Oahu

Waimanalo Bay

Hundreds of towering ironwood trees dot the scene at this longest uninterrupted white sand beach in Oahu. Even though it’s famous for being the filming location of "Magnum P.I." and "Baywatch Hawaii", during weekdays you’ll have a good stretch of coastline all to yourself. Waimanalo Bay can be breezy, though, so keep that in mind when planning to hold your ceremony here. 

Papailoa Beach Big Island

Papailoa Beach

Tucked behind residential homes on the North Shore, this is the perfect place for a secluded beach wedding. Another famous filming location, you might recognize it from the show "Lost". During the winter months, the waves can get very big which makes for an awe-inspiring backdrop. Plus, you’re almost guaranteed to see sea turtles!

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