Hawaii Destination Weddings 

Advantages of a Hawaiian Wedding

A destination wedding in Hawaii is truly a dream come true for many couples, and with good reason. Hawaii is one of the world's top places for a destination wedding thanks to its incredible beauty, a variety of lovely locations, lack of proverbial red tape, and its (obvious) status as a U.S. state. 

Yes, the above are all great reasons to get married on Hawaii, but what else attracts couples in droves to The Aloha State? Is it the allure of tropical paradise? Is it the beautiful mixture of adventure and romance? Or maybe it's the myriad of must see and do locations and activities? Read on to get the top 6 reasons why a destination wedding in Hawaii is so popular and just might be the best way to get married.

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Hawaii Destination Wedding

The Juxtaposition of Hawaii’s Outdoor Beauty with the Beauty of a Wedding

Weddings are clearly a celebration of love and beauty – and what better match than Hawaii for that? With stunning mountainous backdrops, beautiful beaches and gorgeous tropical gardens, the natural beauty will enhance your ceremony. It’s hard to beat getting married on the beach under a breathtaking pink and purple sunset.

Couple Hawaii Destination Wedding

Adventure, Excitement, and Romance -  All At The Same Time

If you want to blend adventure, excitement, and romance, getting married in Hawaii is the perfect place to do just that. There’s undoubtedly something more exciting about having your wedding in an unknown place- especially somewhere exotic- far from your familiar surroundings. Hawaii offers numerous options when it comes to outdoor activities to enjoy both before and after your ceremony. It’s a whole new element in comparison to tying the knot in your hometown.

Destination Weddings in Hawaii

Your Wedding, Reception, and Honeymoon Flow Together

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable occasions of your life. It’s best to be able to fully relax in the moment, without having to plan seemingly endless details and rush off anywhere after the ceremony. By having a destination wedding in Hawaii you can freely celebrate your love for each other without having to go into “business mode" to plan out the when, where, why, and how of the honeymoon. 

Hawaiian Destination Wedding Couple

Get Around the Difficulty of Whom to Invite

One tricky part of organizing a wedding in your hometown is creating a guest list that doesn’t exceed your budget, and also which doesn’t offend anyone. A nice advantage of a destination wedding in Hawaii is that you can't invite a lot of people if you'll be getting married on the beach. This way, your guest list will be bare bones, so to speak, and will only include those people who truly are special to you. 

Family Destination Weddings

Hawaii is an Ideal Familymoon Location with Kids

If you already have kids, you’ll be taking a familymoon rather than a honeymoon. The best part? Hawaii is a very safe, child-friendly place. There are many options for the kids, from theme parks to water slides to aquariums and more. There are excellent nanny and childcare services, as well. With all the beaches and mountains, there are numerous ways your kids can swim, hike, and run around all day. They have a blast and so do you and your partner- how great is that! 

Hawaiian Destination Wedding

Check Something off Your Bucket List

For quite a few people, visiting and exploring Hawaii is a must-do on their bucket list; it’s something they definitely want to do before they die. If you know you’re going to come to Hawaii at some point, why put it off any longer? Having your wedding in Hawaii is a great way to make it happen sooner rather than later. 

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