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If you’re looking for a thrilling, fun, and often fast-paced ocean experience, look no further than a Hawaiian ocean rafting tour. 


What is Ocean Rafting? 

You’re probably thinking it’s rafting, but in the ocean, right? Well, that’s correct! However, there’s much more to it. First, you’ll likely board a motorized and powerful rigid-hull inflatable boat that’s made for speed. Don’t worry about safety, however; as these boats are stable high-performance watercraft often used for ocean rescue.

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Why Choose Ocean Rafting? 

Reason #1: Fun! There’s no feeling like zooming along the water, the wind in your hair, the mist on your face, and the gorgeous Hawaiian coastline in the background. And that fun, fast ride? Not only is it a blast in and of itself, but the speed will get you to your destination faster than other tour boats. That means more time snorkeling, swimming, whale watching, and enjoying your vacation. 

Another advantage of ocean rafting is maneuverability. A raft can get you into lava tubes, sea caves, and other spaces that some of those big tour boats can’t access. Plus, the vantage point from a raft is phenomenal; you can easily spot spinner dolphins, Hawaii green sea turtles, schools of colorful fish, and more from your prime spot just above the water’s surface. 

And speaking of that prime spot, don’t worry about losing it, as an ocean raft tour typically carries a maximum of 35 passengers, and most tour companies carry even fewer. This means you’ll have lots of personalized attention and a friendly atmosphere. Plus, the best ocean rafting companies offer private tours- it’s the perfect adventure for you and a group of your closest friends.

Rear view from an ocean raft.

Rear view from an ocean raft.

What Activities Does Ocean Rafting Offer?

Of course, that depends on the specific island and locations you’ll visit. However, Hawaii ocean rafters can expect to snorkel at fabulous locations filled with underwater wonders. No matter where you visit, rest assured that Hawaii’s waters offer some of the world’s most colorful and fascinating marine life. Sea caves, lava tubes, rugged coastlines, and more may also be on the agenda.

Who Will Enjoy Hawaii Ocean Rafting? 

Practically everyone! One caveat, however: Ocean rafting is a true adventure and can give visitors a bumpy ride. Therefore, pregnant women, young children, and those with certain medical conditions should not participate. Please check with your tour provider. 

If you’re physically up for the adventure, you’ll very likely love it! Plus, many companies offer private rafting charters so your family, wedding party, group of friends, or corporate team can enjoy an exciting day at sea together. Regardless of who your ocean rafting buddies are, you’ll surely have the ride of a lifetime!

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