Traveling to Hawaii during August

Weather, Crowds, & Prices for August

Summer in Hawaii can get hot, hot, hot. With the kids out of school, this is a favorite vacation spot and period for families. Of course, it is also the wedding season in North America, so this island paradise is also appealing to honeymooners. If you are considering a visit to Hawaii in August here is an overview of what you can expect.

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Hawaii Weather in August

Temperatures soar in the heart of the Hawaiian summer. If you love the heat, August is perfect for your travels with temperatures averaging the high 80s. At night, you will avoid the cooler evenings of the winter and spring, which can dip into the 60s. Instead, August evenings remain balmy in the 70s. That makes it perfect for evening strolls, luaus, and other outdoor activities.

August is one of Hawaii’s drier months with less rain to be expected during your stay. Promising zero rain is impossible, especially in the tropics. It is still safe to say that the odds of rain showers decrease when traveling in August. You might encounter some disappointment if you plan to visit the waterfalls found throughout the islands. Less rain means less water, which can diminish the cascading effect of the waterfalls.  

If your activities and sightseeing take you to higher ground, the higher you go, the colder the temperatures. Trips to the many mountains and volcanoes of Hawaii usually require a jacket and pants. One more word of warning: August and September are hurricane season in the Pacific. Although hurricanes are rare in Hawaii, it is better to know all the facts before you commit to a date.

August Temperatures in Hawaii

August Temperatures in Hawaii

Hawaii Rainfall in August

Hawaii Rainfall in August

Hawaii Crowds in August

August is one of the three busiest months for tourists in Hawaii. The main reason for the increase is that school is still out, making August a favorite time for family travel. For the most part, the first two weeks are the busiest. By mid-August, parents have already set their sights on getting the kids back to school.

Hawaii Visitor Arrivals in August

Hawaii Visitor Arrivals in August

Hawaii Costs in August

As with crowds, the beginning of the month tends to peak when it comes to hotel rates. If you want better deals, you should look towards the end of the month when prices start to drop well below the annual average of about $375.

Airfares seem to follow the same pricing trends with higher rates earlier in the month and dropping as the month winds down. However, despite the drop, prices still tend to be higher than other times of the year, as airfares, in general, are higher in the summer months. If your budget is on your mind, it makes more sense to book your trip later in the month to see some price breaks for both hotel and airfare.

Hawaii Hotel Rates

Hawaii Hotel Rates

Hawaii Events & Highlights in August

August is a favorite time for festivals and events, but attractions vary from year to year. In August, some of the annual events include:

  • Ho’oku’ikahi Establishment Day Hawaiian Cultural Festival: This annual event takes place on the Big Island each year showcasing the ancient culture of Hawaii with over 20 ancient arts and craft workshops, demonstrations, Hawaiian games, and traditional Hawaiian music.
  • 30 Days of Aloha on Hawaii Island: This annual festival presents the cultural traditions and “aloha spirit” of the Big Island with events taking place throughout the month.
  • Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament: If you love fishing, this five-day international tournament is an annual highlight. You can fish in Kona’s famous waters on first-class charter boats. You will also rub elbows with fishing legends fighting for the prestigious HIBT Governor’s trophy.
  • Duke’s OceanFest: Lovers of water sports can’t miss this annual Oahu event celebrating longboard surfing, paddleboard racing, swimming, tandem surfing, surf polo, beach volleyball, and stand-up paddling.
  • Made in Hawaii Festival: Oahu features hundreds of exhibitors who are showcasing Hawaiian food products, books, gifts, apparel and jewelry, arts and crafts, produce, and an assortment of other unique home-grown products.
  • Heiva I Kauai International Tahitian Dance Competition: Kauai’s annual Tahitian dance and drumming competition is a cultural event celebrating the art of dance and music. It is renowned for its colorful displays and the community feel. Participation is encouraged by all who attend.

August offers pleasingly warm temperatures but also introduces a low risk for hurricanes. For travel costs, you will see lower rates for both airfare and hotels near the end of the month.

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