Traveling to Hawaii during February

Weather, Crowds, & Prices for February

February in Hawaii is balmy and beautiful with plenty to see and do. Of course, it’s never the wrong time to visit the islands, but February offers many events and good weather to help make your Hawaii travels even better.

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Hawaii Weather in February

Hawaii in February sees ideal temperatures in the 78 to 80 F range. The waters and beaches remain warm and inviting all year round. With this weather, beaches are the perfect spot for sunbathing and water sports. The nights can get a little chilly in the mid to high 60s, especially if you are taking an evening stroll on the beach. Just pack a light sweater, and you’ll be fine.

Keep in mind that weather and temperatures vary from island to island. It can get colder at higher elevations, and certain areas, such as Volcano on the Big Island or Kokee on Kauai, can also become chillier in the evenings. If you are visiting the taller volcanoes, it would be wise to wear a light jacket and even pants as it can be cold when you reach the summit.

If you are worried about rain, a good rule of thumb is to stick to the leeward side of the islands. February does tend to see more rain than most months, but it is by no means the rainiest. The driest spots to tend to be south Maui, the south and southwestern areas of Oahu, and The Kohala Coast on Big Island. In February, rain showers often occur overnight, which brings you slightly overcast mornings and sunny afternoons and evenings.

In the tropics, it's always a good idea to be prepared for little rain shower bursts that can last about 10 minutes. Carrying an umbrella will take care of that.

February Temperatures in Hawaii

February Temperatures in Hawaii

Hawaii Rainfall in February

Hawaii Rainfall in February

Hawaii Crowds in February

February in Hawaii only gets busy on Valentine’s Day. Which is not surprising considering the romance and beauty the islands have to offer. You will see smaller crowds at this time of year, especially when compared to the peak seasons; therefore, it’s an ideal time to visit popular sightseeing areas.

Hawaii Visitor Arrivals in February

Hawaii Visitor Arrivals in February

Hawaii Costs in February

Avoiding a stay on Valentine’s Day will not only help you elude crowds but also higher hotel rates. Valentine’s Day hotel rates tend to be slightly higher than the rest of February. However, in general, February is not a bad time of year to visit with rates staying close to the annual average of around $375 per night. Compare this to peak season in December, and you are saving close to $200 per night.

Price predictions are always a little trickier when it comes to airfares as they are far more volatile than hotel rates. However, February airfares are quite reasonable. You can start shopping around October if you can commit to booking at that time. As with any trip, online searches will help you find the best deals.

Hawaii Hotel Rates

Hawaii Hotel Rates

Hawaii Events & Highlights in February

Here are some of the events you won’t want to miss on your February Hawaii vacation:

  • The winter months are humpback whale season, which peaks in February. If this is something you want to see, the whales tend to hang out around Maui, Hawaii's Big Island, Lanai, and Molokai. Maui also holds various events celebrating the arrival of the whales, including the Maui Whale Festival.
  • Many tourists are surprised that the Big Island celebrates cherry blossom season in early February. The Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival takes place early in the month as the stunning beauty of cherry trees over 60+ years old bloom at Church Row Park. 
  • The Laupahoehoe Music Festival features traditional Hawaiian music and a good mix of rock and country folk. It takes place in mid-February in Kauai, and you can enjoy an old-school style fair with music as the main focus.
  • Waimea Town Celebration takes place in mid-February each year, celebrating the history of the island with cultural and recreational events taking place across the West Side of Kauai.
  • Surfing tournament season continues into February in Oahu as the island’s “big waves” churn up excitement on the north shores.

Other than a slightly higher chance of rain, February can be the perfect time for your Hawaiian stay. Fewer crowds, exciting whale watching, and reasonable rates all add to the attraction of the islands at this time of year.  

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