Traveling to Hawaii during June

Weather, Crowds, & Prices for June

Your Hawaiian vacation will be perfect no matter when you plan your visit. This string of islands offers an idyllic Pacific paradise that is welcoming all year long. However, June is a very inviting month with perfect weather and reasonable rates in the early weeks before summer arrives.

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Hawaii Weather in June

Hawaii in June is perfection. It is the month that sees the least rain, so you never have to worry about wet weather. At other times of year in Hawaii, you have to keep an umbrella handy for protection from sporadic rain showers. However, in June you won’t have to worry about showers. Because of the drier weather, June provides the luxury of staying wherever you like.

Daytime temperatures are steady in the mid to the low 80s, which is a vacationer’s dream. The chillier nights of spring that can dip into the 60s are not a worry. Instead, June offers balmier nights in the low 70s. You can enjoy romantic evening walks on the beach without the need for a sweater. Although it's always beach season in Hawaii, in June, the ocean is warm, welcoming, and ideal for swimming and a myriad of water sports.  

The only worry weather-wise concerns travel in higher elevations, such as the mountains and volcanoes, because these areas will see slightly cooler temperatures. Depending on conditions, you might even need a jacket. Overall, the weather in June is as close to perfect as you can get.

June Temperatures in Hawaii

June Temperatures in Hawaii

Hawaii Rainfall in June

Hawaii Rainfall in June

Hawaii Crowds in June

June triggers the arrival of summer tourists, but it is not quite the peak season yet. You will see more visitors at the end of June as kids are finished school. If you are thinking of traveling in June without the kids, the first two weeks of June are often less crowded. However, June is still far from the busiest time of year, so you don't have much to worry about when it comes to crowds.

Hawaii Visitor Arrivals in June

Hawaii Visitor Arrivals in June

Hawaii Costs in June

Another reason you might want to stick to the first two weeks of June is that hotel rates are usually lower. Once summer vacation season kicks in, hotel rates tend to start rising steadily and will peak on the 4th of July. June rates commonly sit right around the annual average of $390 and can be as low as about $365.

Airfares are different, as they are continually rising and falling. However, as with hotel rates, chances are you will see lower prices in the earlier weeks of June, so plan accordingly. Your best bet is to do some research on the internet to find the best airfare deals.

Hawaii Hotel Rates

Hawaii Hotel Rates

Hawaii Events & Highlights in June

There is never a shortage of events and happenings in Hawaii. If you are looking for big-time celebrations during your Hawaiian visit, you can book your vacation around King Kamehameha Day, which falls on June 11th. This state holiday has events throughout the islands and provides an authentic taste of the Hawaiian culture.

King Kamehameha was a highly-respected leader credited for uniting the Hawaiian Islands in 1810 following years of conflict. One of the most celebrated events is the draping of the lei ceremony, which takes place at Aliʻiolani Hale in downtown Honolulu. Thirty feet of traditional lei rope is hung over the massive statue of King Kamehameha.

Other popular June events include:

  • The Pan-Pacific Festival on Oahu is a three-day cultural celebration featuring arts, crafts, food, and stage performances in and around Waikiki.
  • Kapalua Wine & Food Festival is the longest-running wine and food event in the U.S., held at the gorgeous Kapalua Resort on Maui.
  • The Kauai Poke Festival is a vibrant annual event celebrating the rich culinary tradition of poke, a beloved Hawaiian dish featuring fresh, marinated raw fish.

Hawaii in June promises to exceed your expectations. Your island paradise awaits with the added bonus of better weather and lower-than-average hotel rates. You can also experience the Hawaiian traditions of King Kamehameha Day if you time it right.

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