Traveling to Hawaii during April

Weather, Crowds, & Prices for April

You would be hard pressed to find a wrong time of year to visit Hawaii. However, the joys of spring await when you plan your Hawaiian vacation in April. April is a beautiful time to visit the Hawaiian islands with perfect weather, a lower flow of tourists, and a slightly lower average price for airfare and hotel rates.

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Hawaii Weather in April

Spring is always a good time to travel to Hawaii. Unlike other areas, where the spring means rain, the rainy weather of the winter months is a distant memory in Hawaii. The daytime temperatures are comfortably warm, averaging in the high 70s and low 80s. Evenings are slightly colder and dip into the 60s, especially along the beaches. The warm waters of April invite you to frolic, bask in the sun, or learn to surf.

Even though the rainy season has ended, you can increase your chances of seeing more sun by choosing to stay on the leeward side of the islands. Hawaii’s driest locations include south Maui, the south and southwestern areas of Oahu, and The Kohala Coast on Big Island. Rain can still fall, but usually, it’s nothing more than a sudden rain shower. And that won’t be enough to dampen your day or your spirits. Carry an umbrella if you are out at night, as these little showers tend to fall in the evening.

Keep in mind that the temperatures can change drastically depending on where you are visiting. For example, the beaches and water tend to be balmy and warm, and areas in the mountains or volcanoes can be downright chilly. It is not uncommon to need a jacket and long pants when you hit the summits of some of the volcanoes. Also, areas such as Volcano on the Big Island or Kokee on Kauai can see even more of a dip in temperature as the sun sets.

April Temperatures in Hawaii

April Temperatures in Hawaii

Hawaii Rainfall in April

Hawaii Rainfall in April

Hawaii Crowds in April

Part of the appeal of visiting Hawaii in April is that there is a lower than average volume of visitors at this time of year. April is perfect for couples as kids are still in school. That means less distraction at tourist sites and events. You should check the calendar to see when Easter falls the year you are planning your visit since holidays drive tourists to Hawaii. More tourists won’t impact your stay negatively. But you will want to book reservations in advance of your visit to popular restaurants, vehicle rentals, and special activities.

Hawaii Visitor Arrivals in April

Hawaii Visitor Arrivals in April

Hawaii Costs in April

Other than a slight rise over the Easter holidays, April tends to see hotel rates below the annual average. You can be closer to $350 than the average $370. You are also looking at savings of close to $150 when compared to the peak season in December. For airfares, it is a little more challenging to determine as they tend to fluctuate daily. However, you will often see lower-than-average fares in April. Your best bet is to keep an eye out online for deals.

Hawaii Hotel Rates

Hawaii Hotel Rates

Hawaii Events & Highlights in April

If one of your goals is to go whale watching, April might not be the month for you. The peak season for humpback whales has pretty much come to an end by the time April rolls around. You might get lucky if you are in the area between Maui, Lanai, and Molokai as this is the most densely populated area for whales even in the offseason.

However, you will be in Hawaii for a significant event: The Merrie Monarch Festival. This festival honors King David Kalākaua, the inspiration for keeping the proud traditions, native language, and arts of the islands alive. You will discover the beauty of the islands and the people who live there at this internationally acclaimed event. World famous hula competitions, invitational Hawaiian art fairs, hula shows, and more will provide a glimpse into life in Hawaii. The Merrie Monarch Festival is not only the biggest cultural event on the Big Island but also the biggest event of the year for Hawaii.

Some other events you might want to check out if you find yourself on Oahu is the Waikiki SPAM JAM & the Honolulu Brewers Festival.

Booking a trip to Hawaii in April is probably looking pretty good about now. From lower rates for hotels and airfare to perfect weather, your Hawaiian vacation will be nothing short of excellent at this time of year.

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